The One Where I Ask For Your Vote

See this pretty little button?

I’d love for you to click on it and vote for BlondeMomBlog in the Divine Caroline Love This Site! Awards parenting category.

I’ll give you a few good reasons why.

The hubby is living in a bog of estrogen and is a good sport about it, even when the girls insist on making him look like a contender for What Not To Wear: Cross Dressing Edition.

My old psycho biddy dog has a spanking fetish.

My 3-year-old channels Bootsy Collins.

My 6-year-old is obsessed with infomercials.

I’m no Rachael Ray.

But most of all I love writing about this crazy little thing called parenting. Trust me, I’m learning as much as my girls are and they haven’t fired me…yet.

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