Crushed, Obviously

Driving Miss C to school yesterday, I cranked up a classic rock station, opened the sunroof, and hit all the green lights. Classic rock seems to be a safe bet in the car with the girls because with top 40 you never know when you’re going to hear a love song about a pantyless stripper.

I had promised the hubby I would help him with his business plan yesterday and I had blocked out lunch, which on Fridays is typically spent at school with Miss C.

I turned the music down to deliver the bad news.

Miss C Mommy can’t eat lunch with you today.

Miss C: Mommy, turn it up.

Wait, I wanted to tell you I can’t eat lunch with you today.

Miss C: Why not?

Well, I need to help daddy with something at his office.

Miss C: Uh, mommy can you turn up that song?

I’ll come up to school one day next week for lunch.

Miss C: Okay, okay…now mommy TURN IT UP!

In Labor Day weekend news, I’m painting our hall bathroom a lovely pale blue tomorrow (buh bye yellow) and I think the girls will be farmed out to the inlaws while I paint and hubby partakes in his manly segue into autumn-his fantasy football league draft. Hopefully I’ll stick to my paintbrushes and finish my project since I bought the paint in March. I don’t want to get too distracted with the prospect of being alone for a few hours because I might do something crazy like run off to Target and move in.

p.s. Pray that Gustav simmers down.


  1. Amy says:

    Come on to my house when you are done with the hallway. The yellow in Cam’s room is going green! Really, the color is Painted Turtle and is a dark sage green!! That is Monday’s project, after the Fantasy Football project…

  2. bill says:

    Gosh, when my daughter was that age, I looked forward to explaining things like that. “Well, sweetie, you see, the man who is singing really likes this girl, and he’s asking her if they can be friends. Oh, look, a bluejay!”

  3. EG says:

    I was inspired by Real Simple magazine to do a poor-man’s re-do of our master bath. However, I recently painted our master bedroom and so I cannot stomach the idea of all that taping and cutting in.

    And Hubby likes to swoop in and save the day. When I cannot take a moment more of painting, he comes in and does the rolling. The quick, easy, satisfying part.

    EGs last blog post..Hot Hot Hot

  4. Queen of the Mayhem says:

    I have heard that song on the radio once before and I had NO IDEA those were the lyrics! This why we listen to my Ipod!

    Good luck with your painting.

    I pray Gustav takes a chill….and soon….but it doesn’t look to promising for us gulf coast folks!

    Queen of the Mayhems last blog post..(PLEASE DON’T) Rock Me Like a Hurricane

  5. rachel says:

    I have been praying about Gustav.

    Doesn’t it just hit you hard when you realize that you are no longer the center of their world. *sigh*

    Hope the painting went well!!

  6. toddleratplay says:

    All those Gustav prayers musta been heard…sounds like the real bad stuff skipped the country this time. 😀 Hope you didn’t end up moving in at Target over the weekend 😉

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