Sweating It

Dear Neighborhood Psycho Fitness Mom:

I’ve never run into you at the playground before, but you amaze me with your ability to turn an afternoon with your kids into a workout.

OK, to be honest, I’m not running at the park am I? I’m sitting on my butt. As I watched you do power lunges on the park benches and speed walk around the swing sets like some kind of crazed Richard Simmons groupie on crack, pumping your arms and counting laps, I felt compelled to get up and do something. What, I don’t know, but I contemplated doing some jumping jacks or dropping to the ground and doing some push ups. Then I came to my senses and remembered that I use my solo neighborhood walks as a chance to escape the house by myself. Maybe I should have asked you if you needed me to watch your kids while you went for a jog? No, that would have been really crazy.

Please stop making me feel guilty as I take these precious moments of down time to check my cell phone voice mail and watch the girls play sit on my ass. I nearly broke a sweat each time you squeezed your glutes and shouted over to your kids on the monkey bars: “Hold on sweeties, mommy’s got one more set of reps!”


Blonde Mom


  1. Amy says:

    I’m torn between wanting to be that motivated (a hard butt sure would be nice) and being so very happy sitting on my (soft) butt.

  2. Jamie says:

    It really would have made for great fodder for a Saturday Night Live skit…such was her determination to get in a workout while her kids were playing and yelling at her. 😉

  3. After Hours says:

    OMG. You should bring a box of chocolate with you the next time you go to the park. For every squat she does you can do an arm lift of chocolate to your mouth. Everyone exercises in their own way!

  4. PamperingBeki says:

    Hahaha!! That could’ve been ME you saw at the park!!

    I feel guilty just sitting there so I’m the one up marching laps around the play area.

    Of course that’s the *only* time I bother to exercise… and we only go to the park about once a month, so don’t hate me too much.

  5. Bridgett says:

    That is somewhat depressing to me. It would probably make me feel guilty. Or get up and push her children on the swings. I use the mile walk TO the playground as my workout. And then I sit. Because I have a mile yet to walk home…

  6. RachForNow says:

    I know this post was meant to be funny, but somewhat truthful. But I don’t think the comments about her being a “show-off” are fair.

    This may be the only time that she has to get any exercise in during her day. She may work outside of the home as well as taking the time to bring her children to the park.

    If she were very heavy and out of shape and was just sitting on the bench then people would be talking about how she just sits there and does nothing and could use a little exercise.

    She’s setting a good example for her children. Yes, maybe she could tone it down some but I don’t think she deserves the harsh criticism.

  7. Amanda says:

    I agree that it’s harsh to criticize her. I think most are just jealous. And just because she works out while her kids play at the park doesn’t mean that she isn’t fully engaging them in play and attention when she is at home with them. Kudos to the moms who make time for themselves AND their children. I’ve sat on my butt for too long and I totally envy those who have the discipline to be healthy for their families. Happy mom = happy family.

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