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It’s funny, I don’t really consider myself a mom from the Deep South (I don’t like sweet tea, which is probably blasphemous, or belong to the Junior League), but nonetheless I find myself still calling my mama and daddy mama and daddy and last night I “hollered” at one of our neighbors: “I love ya’lls new porch!”

So there you have it. Southern I am ya’ll.

Read about my quest to tone down the twang at work over at Deep South Moms. I also wrote recently about ways to prepare for your next job interview at Blissfully Domestic.

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Don’t forget to comment on the GILF photo from Wednesday (Joe Francis eat your heart out).

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Beth_C says:

    I love sweet tea but never joined Junior League…don’t think we were fancy enough for that.

    I holler at my kids all the time and I say mash when I mean press.

    And when I was working, I always paid attention to my accent because people that aren’t from the South automatically think Southerners are dumb.

    My husband was actually shocked to find out I was born and raised in NC because I don’t have a pronounced accent.

    Beth_Cs last blog post..It’s Friday and I’ve got a giveaway!

  2. bill says:

    Some parts will always stick with you. To this day, I say Y’all, and I haven’t lived in the south in over thirty years. I don’t holler, but I understand perfectly what it means to ‘reckon so’.

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