I had serious trouble falling asleep last night. Typically I get a Sunday case momsomnia as I think about the week ahead, but it hit me last night. Miss A had a run in with bullies for the first time on the daycare playground yesterday and it broke my heart to hear her talk about it. One boy, in particular, she kept mentioning by name. He was apparently teasing her and calling her a “baby.”

Little boy whose name starts with C?


As Miss A and I snuggled in her bed after story time last night she had a request.

“Mommy will you turn off my turtle lamp?” There is a white ceramic turtle lamp on her dresser that was mine as a little girl.

“Sure baby.”

“Those big boys make fun of my turtle lamp mommy?”

“Do you think they’d make fun of you because you sleep with the lamp on?”


It dawned on me that the boys are not only targeting her because she is the newest and youngest member of the 3-year-olds’ class, but perhaps because her speech is easy to target. Miss A has trouble pronouncing her “Rs” properly. She says “wain” for rain, “wabbit” for rabbit, etc. She also sucks her thumb at nap time.

Miss C, taking on the role of big sister, was full of sage advice concerning playground social semantics (don’t get me started on the “boyfriend” chasing thing that is apparently the first grade girls’ idea of recreation as Miss C has not one, but two, beaus.) This morning she asked Miss A to come back to her bedroom. Because Miss C normally bans her baby sister from her bedroom, I stood outside her door, just in the hallway, so I could observe. She dug around in her dresser drawer and pulled out a sparkly fuchsia headband, one of her favorites. She expertly placed it on Miss A’s head “so the mean boy wouldn’t bother her.” Apparently bullies hate the blinding girl power of girly bling.

Now Miss A is my spunky girl, full of enough social moxie (not to mention herself) to work the toughest of crowds. I’ve never seen her discouraged about school and she’s been very excited about her new room and new teacher. This morning I kissed her on the cheek as she watched TV.

“No school for me today mommy?” Her big brown eyes looked up at me.

“You’ve got school today, and grandma day tomorrow!”

I reminded her that her daddy was taking her to school.

“Do you want daddy to say something to your teacher about the mean boys?”

She paused, plucked her thumb from her mouth, and said, “No, I DO IT!”

That’s my girl.


  1. Nicole says:

    Go Miss A! Get ’em! I hate this part of kids in groups. Last year there was this little mean bitch in Claire’s class who made fun of her for wearing the color blue. Because blue is a “boy” color. Also, according to her, since Claire had a chin length bob her hair was “short” and she looked like a boy.

    I wanted to squeeze her little head off. Instead, I had some great conversations with Claire about being your own person and being kind to people different than you.

    But the urge to squeeze has not dissipated completely, and I’m REALLY hoping this little chic is in the OTHER 4 yo class this year 😉

    Nicoles last blog post..friday brain dump

  2. EG says:

    I’m 29 (and 11/12ths) and I don’t know if I have the moxie to tell the teacher about bullies! (I mean if they were bullying me. If they were bullying Little Man, we’d have words.)

    Good for Miss A!

    EGs last blog post..Weekend

  3. rachel says:

    Way to go Miss A!! Stand up for yourself sister. I love that Miss C was being all supportive and knowledgeable. What a darling big sister she is.

    I know all about the momsomnia, I suffer from it dreadfully. ugh

  4. Holly Schwendiman says:

    It’s so hard to watch your kids get life experience isn’t it? Why do we have to have bullies anyway? At least having a strong family backbone is a great benefit…not to mention a little extra bling. 🙂


    Holly Schwendimans last blog post..Inspiring

  5. themommykelly says:

    OH, my heart! My heart! Oh, sweet child! I’m close to crying for her! But she’s a strong one, alright. And her big sister already seems to have caught on to the sista law: we girls have got to stick together!

    Great girls, Mama! Sleep peacefully! YOu have taught them well!

    Rock on!

    themommykellys last blog post..This Bird Has Flown!

  6. Jill says:

    My little 2 1/2yo son is always scrapping with boys at “school”. One boy imparticular, J, (who’s mom thinks he does no wrong BTW) is a biter. A bad biter. And J bit our boy in the face recently, my husband had had it. He started telling our son what to say to J: “You better watch it J. It will be POW, right in the kisser.” But my son says, “You bedda watch the movie, J. Or POW! I’ll kiss ‘ya”.

  7. slackermommy says:

    I’m totally crying over Miss C taking care of Miss A. That is so sweet. I love when I catch my kids being protective nice to each other.

    slackermommys last blog post..A

  8. Jennifer says:

    I still remembering chasing a boy on the playground in 1st grade and falling and getting the rose cut ever on my hand. Unfortunatly Miss K discovered boys even earlier and has had plans to marry her bff since she was 3. She can’t wait to wear a wedding dress…oh how I feel already sorry for myself when she’s a teenager…lol! I hope Miss A keeps enjoying going to school and that mean boy leaves her alone. They say boys tease the ones they like:)

    Jennifers last blog post..Photo Essay Contest

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