Doggy Drama

Did anyone else watch Greatest American Dog last night on CBS? We’ve never watched it, but we caught the tail end of it (heh) and I thought the girls might enjoy it. I couldn’t believe the melodrama of the judges. For the final challenge the dog owners and their pets had to create a painting using various techniques. One judge was so “professional” that she told a dog owner that her painting sucked. A painting…by a dog. Also, couldn’t a professional judge choose a better word than sucked? Apparently the judge thought the heart the dog painted looked like a pretzel. I would have trouble getting my 3-year-old child, much less a Pomeranian, to paint a perfect heart.

Speaking of dogs, this morning Miss C was sitting on her bedroom floor pulling tufts of fur off our Akita mix, Jack (it’s the kind of preening temptation you have when someone’s shoulders are peeling from sunburn). He’s shed enough lately to stuff a small sofa. I asked her to please stop, put the fur tufts in the trash, and wash her hands for breakfast.

“Oh mommy I just put his hair under here,” she says, pointing UNDER HER BED.


  1. Melinda says:

    That whole “greatest american dog” thing is just… an example of how LOW reality television has become. I mean, just like you said – it’s a DOG, for heaven’s sake! There’s a huge part of me that just wants to be furious with those judges for criticizing dogs. Dogs are SOOOOO much more than a painting or a photograph, and you can’t judge the “quality” of a dog’s love or devotion.

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  2. Susan says:

    Don’t Akitas shedu p a storm? We had one years ago. We now have 3 Australian cattle dogs (we have to put the female down next week) and those shed like nobody’s business…we can vacuum up enough to build a new dog.

  3. Lisa Wilder says:

    LOL…oh, can I ever relate. I’ve got a beautiful one year old golden and I swear she sheds enough to stuff a small sofa, PER DAY!

    As for Miss C stuffing the dog’s shedding fur under her bed…having raised two boys through their teen years, I can assure you…it’s only just begun and dog hair is the least of your worries when it comes to what you’ll find under the bed.

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