Embarassing Moments In Photo IDs

The best friend and I are sitting at the bar at TGI Fridays in the Memphis Doubletree Hotel. I order a Mudslide Cosmo and the bartender asks for my ID.

“Look at this mess,” I say, as the bartender is making my drink. I hold up my driver’s license so my best friend can see the photo. “I was pregnant, needed a haircut, and had horrible roots.”

Best friend started laughing. “Well look at mine,” she said, holding her driver’s license up for me to analyze. “It was July and I had to drive downtown in the blazing heat and waddle into the building. I had Evan three days later.”

Seriously, though. If you’re pregnant and your driver’s license needs renewing, I think you should get an exemption, or a makeover, or have a stand-in until you’re no longer destined to have a driver’s license photo that makes you cringe for years. Maybe you were lucky and glowed throughout your pregnancy? Maybe you were like me and did not.

My YMCA ID card photo is just as bad, though, and I wasn’t even pregnant when I had the picture taken. My face looks stretched out horizontally and the picture makes me look like I weigh about 20 pounds more than I actually do. Wait a minute…maybe that’s by design?

So do you love your driver’s license photo? Have you ever had a flattering ID photo taken? I’m sure a Glamour Shots photo ID business would go over well if it was done right.


  1. rachel says:

    I love my license photo. I took the picture right after we got back from our honeymoon, so I’m smiling and tanned and relaxed 😉
    I just keep renewing it by mail and using the same picture 🙂 I might cry when they won’t let me do that anymore.
    Thanks for the giggles honey, but I do agree… if you’re prego you should get an automatic do-over or at least photoshop rights.

  2. Laurin says:

    My DL photo looks so much better than I normally do – no idea why. I think people are looking at it like “What happened to you?”

    My passport photo however looks like a mugshot.

    I loved how I looked pregnant and should have renewed my license then.

    Laurins last blog post..Supreme Wavy Head

  3. bill says:

    I recall reading that when one author was having her publicity picture taken, she had an extra made to use for her passport photo. She said it was a mistake, as no one looking at it thought that it could possibly be her. And, of course, there’s Irma Bombeck’s classic comment about passport photos….

  4. Angie says:

    I’ve NEVER taken a good i.d. pic. The worst were my school id’s from 7-12th grade. Not only did I have to look at that hideous pic, but I had to use it to get into any school function at the all boy’s school across the river. Talk about humiliation.

    Angies last blog post..Monday Morning Eye Candy

  5. Anne Glamore says:

    Last year I had a great photo taken AND I didn’t have to wait in line. The gods were smiling on me.

    Anne Glamores last blog post..Locker 101:A, Hygiene:F

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