1. slackermommy says:

    I love it! My 2 year old has a shirt that reads MY MOMMY ROCKS and I love having her tell people what her shirt says. It’s one of our tricks. (You know how us parents of toddlers are)Anyway, now she thinks every shirt with word is the same saying so she’s saying that I rock a lot.

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  2. Amy says:

    Oh, that is too funny! I can’t tell if she is heading to the disco or a heavy metal concert 🙂 I love that t-shirt. Emily needs a shirt like that!!

  3. Emily says:

    How very Madonna! I love it! My son is up to his eyeballs in shirts that say something about mom on them…well at least until he becomes a “big boy” and gets embarrassed…sigh.

  4. Rick Bucich says:

    If my son can (un-solicited) dress himself with a shirt that says “my daddy rocks” I’ll take it! It’s okay to wear a single golfing glove:)

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