Yesterday I was getting Miss A ready for daycare, and seeing the time inch closer to 8:30 I knew I needed to go ahead and take her to school wearing her bathing suit. Thursdays this summer are water play days and the kids kick off the morning scampering and squealing under the sprinkler on the playground. I apparently forgot that Miss A’s one and only wearable bathing suit was still in the washing machine after a spin on gentle cycle. It had been in the washing machine oh, I don’t know, maybe since Tuesday.

Desperate to find a dry, wearable bathing suit, I remembered Miss C had a stash of swimsuits in a bottom dresser drawer. Down in the corner, underneath a floral flannel sheet, I found a rejected Miss C suit from two years ago. It was an adorable pink bathing suit with ruffly tulle trim around the waist.

Miss A was thrilled! It was pink, it was girly, it had twirl appeal. Miss C, the armchair critic, had to chime in. “Ohhh, that’s an itchy bathing suit!” I gave her The Look. I didn’t want baby sister changing her mind, because the only option would be to possibly miss out on water play or send her to school nekkid or in a bathing suit three times too big, and mama was having none of that!

Miss A fell in love with the bathing suit and pranced to the back door, enthralled and dreamily proclaiming, “I’m stylish mommy. This bathing suit is stylish.”

Then she lovingly touched the crocheted strawberry on the front, stopped in her tracks and declared, “This strawberry? Is stylish.”

Miss A striking a pose and saying, what else…”Stylish!”


  1. Traci says:

    That is so cute! When my Abby finds something especially twirly or pink, she calls it ‘fashion model’.

  2. bill says:

    I regret to inform you that due to the nature of your daughter’s activities, a grievous shortage of Cute was noted in Arizona, Montana, South Dakota, and parts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

    As this is a First Offense, no summons will be issued. However, in the future, please restrict your daughter to the normal childhood actions of whining, complaining about food that they’ve liked for years, and getting dirty just before leaving for Grandma’s house. Occasional bouts of cuteness are acceptable so long as they are not as intensely cute as this episode illustrates.

    Thank you.

    National Department of Cuteness Preservation

  3. rachel says:

    She is so darling! Princess would be crawling out of her skin trying to get to that swimsuit. She’s into ‘stylish’ too.
    What a doll and that ‘cuteness’ comment… hysterical!

    rachels last blog post..Princess strikes again or Home Again Home Again, Jiggity Jig

  4. Anne says:

    HAHAHAH!I cannot tell you how many stink eye’s I cast in the direction of the oldest when she poo-poos a kid sister idea. How nice that she can learn that style is way more important than comfort at such an early age!

    • Prosenjit says:

      aptyxmerefan11 on July 15, 2011 @tron500100 maybe theres something on there belt that controls the pitch of the microphone or something with the puppet

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