He’s A Keeper

Most people who don’t know my hubby outside of business, where he is Mr. Technology Entrepreneur Guy, may not realize he has an awesome sense of humor.

The other night he walked into our bedroom while I was curled up in bed hiding from the girls, reading a magazine.

“I think I have what you had the other night,” he said, grabbing his stomach and feigning illness. “I think I have sympathy gas.”

I started laughing, but there was more.

“Wait a minute…I think I have sympathy PMS!,” he said. And then he walked off.

p.s. I actually wrote this yesterday before I started feeling quite ill and then realized it’s my annual July sinus infection time. You know, when my sinuses produce mass quantities of mucous and I generally feel like poop on a stale cracker and have night sweats and a scratchy throat. And also? I now have my period. July is my annual summertime funk. I swear between sinus shizzle and my husband’s horrible allergies I often fantasize about us packing it all up and moving to the beach or desert.

Nashville air quality?

Eff you. You’re dead to me.

I’m supposed to leave early Saturday for a girls’ trip to Memphis with my best friend, so I’ve GOT to feel better. Beale Street is calling.

Today hubby is spending the day with Miss C on a kids’ adventure river cruise and I dropped Miss A off at daycare. Miss A had on her pink strawberry tutu bathing suit for water play and I was wearing a Save the Sazerac al-kee-haul t-shirt I won from Traveling Mamas. Because it’s an al-kee-haul t-shirt kind of day.


  1. eBooks Blog says:

    Man working hard for his business and also taking care of the family is not easy. I can feel that your husband is good, not many men have the mood to have humor when doing their business, thumbs up, hats off for your man!

  2. Sunshine says:

    Sorry…the “you’re dead to me” comment made me snort.

    I get a little funk in early August because summer is almost over and because I have a shitload to do before school starts. Yuck.

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