Crackmates Dot Com

Dear old high school classmates, especially those of you registered at Crackmates dot com:

Catch the social networking clue bus and join It’s free and they don’t hold your guest signatures hostage by asking you to join for a fee.

Or, hey, be revolutionary. Start a blog! It’s almost free. It will only cost you darn nearly all of your free time. If you let it.


So do you have a profile on Their e-mails drive me nuts. I suppose I could unsubscribe to them. I actually had a friend from elementary school contact me through their site last year, but I’m wondering if all the free social networking options, from Facebook to LinkedIn (which I have thought about joining for career networking) will eventually lead to its demise.


  1. Mof2 says:

    I do not have I did back when it was actually free! (and nobody had it then) Now, it’s just crazy that they charge you all because you have become a stalker trying to hunt down your ex boyfriend and that best friend that you used to go to the mall with and steal shop with!

    Lot’s of my friends from school have Myspace, but it’s loaded down with a bunch of stupid bulletins saying “past this along or Tom will delete your account” and “if your my friend then you’ll repost this because i read your bulletins, you don’t read mine!”.

  2. Leeanthro says:

    I am with ya sister! I hate that they e-mail me all the time to tell me someone signed my guestbook. I am absolutely not paying for their service.

    Love the pix in your banner!

  3. Richie Ann says:

    I can never remember my password to Classmates. I’d never pay for that. I’ll just wait for the gossip to come the old fashioned way, through the small town grapevine, all exaggerated, then relayed over the phone.

  4. Ellen says:

    Yeah, I did have the free membership. I like the classmate search on Facebook, though! Although generally it makes me think, “That name sounds familiar, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.” So maybe there was a reason I didn’t keep in touch with them all after all.

    Plus have you noticed that the popular people from HS are all still single and have their party pictures on Facebook, but the normal/ geeky people are all married with kids? We turn 30 this year, the party pictures are a little weird to me.

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  5. Elizabeth says:

    I REFUSE to pay for a membership to I have a free profile set up, but I just delete those “oooh, someone read your profile, don’t you want to know who it is?” emails. I’m not that hard to find if someone really wants to get in touch. In fact, I recently was “found” by four good friends from High School on Facebook!

  6. rachel says:

    I despise that site.
    Bite me big time. It’s always sending ‘so and so’ is searching for you. No they’re not. Leave me alone!


    Start a blog people, AMEN!

    rachels last blog post..700, A Rookie Mistake, Vegas and Dolly

  7. Jackie says:

    I have always thought that Classmates was a royal ripoff!
    I can’t imagine that they will enjoy many more days with the advent of so many other free social sites… at least I hope they don’t…


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