Considering Banning Spongebob Indefinitely

On the way home from buying a new mattress Sunday (rest in peace old plank, hubby and I and our twinging backs will not miss you), the girls were giddy with late afternoon errand running tiredness and the amusement of pouncing on mattress after mattress after mattress. When the very young salesperson told us to lie down on our prospective mattress and just relax for 15 minutes or so to get a feel for it we laughed because by then the girls would have hijacked the store delivery truck and headed for the nearest McDonald’s.

I turned around to tell the girls something and Miss C makes a comment that can only come from a 6-year-old.

Mommy, let me see your Spongebob teeth.


Mommy, you’ve got Spongebob teeth!!!

I am then bombarded with a litany of Spongebob insults from Miss C which somehow segued into boob talk (it’s either boobs or poop around here) followed by non-stop laughter and Miss C giving herself a wicked case of the hiccups from laughing so hard.

Mommy you’ve got Spongebob boobies!

No…you’ve got Patrick boobies!

And then the worse of the backseat club insults:

Mommy you’ve got Squidward boobies!

I’m not sure what classifies my boobies as Squidward boobies, but it can’t be good.


  1. DawnK says:

    We haven’t gotten to SpongeBob yet, we are still fixated on Bunnytown.

    Although recently Harper (who is 2) just discovored that Mommy’s boobies and Daddy’s boobies and his are very different. Especially since I am 8 3/4 pregnant. As Billy put it, his facisnation will never go away. Nice…thanks Daddy!

    DawnKs last blog post..Oh My Aching Everything

  2. Ma Val says:

    I decided to stop sharing the bathroom with my daughter when she told me mine were “hangy” and “silly”.

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Fortunately, I can only relate to the new mattress/ non-twinging backs portion of this post, as my daughter rarely watches Sponge Bob and rarely shares his brand of humor with me.

    Bluegrass Mamas last blog post..Sports Ramblings

  4. Pattie says:

    Hmmm…since Squidward’s boobs are non-existent, I guess that doesn’t bode well for you *LOL*

  5. Kalisha says:

    Sorry to hear the insults came down to squidward boobies! Too funny! My 2 1/2 year old loves spongebob and sometimes when I watch it with her I can’t believe some of the jokes in there. Luckily, now she doesn’t comprehend them.
    I know if I let her continue to let her watch it then I’m going to be due for my set of spongebob insults too! Right now she like to call me “poopie!”
    Or her latest was “Double whooo whoo!” I really don’t know what that means, but she cracks up everytime!

  6. Squid the Ward says:

    SpongeBob insults include tartar-sauce, fishpaste, barnacle-head, but no boobies or poop.

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