The Almost 40-Year-Old Twitter Virgin

Do you Twitter? Why? Why not?

I keep eyeing Twitter, but between blogging here, blogging there, and writing regularly here and here and just trying to read and occasionally comment on blogs I say, “ENOUGH!”

The awesome Amy at Mom Advice tells me that it’s great for networking. I am all about the networking. But…whew…the time drain factor. I am feeling scattered, smothered, and covered as it is, although most of that is my own damn fault. Just yesterday I became completely enamored with the Flair feature on FaceBook. Yeah. I’m a nerd.

And now there’s Plurk. Is Plurk Twitter’s cool punk ass young sister? Plurk really freaks me out. I don’t understand it, although the interface looks cool. The cool kids are doing it. Does anyone remember Vox? What happened to that? Now there’s Tumblr.

For someone who considers herself fairly wired, I draw the line at some things. I don’t text (I hear that will change when my girls get older) and I rarely get on messenger, although I’m usually on Meebo during the work week with my boss and another editor. Heck I barely use my cell phone. Sometimes I feel like a Ms. Pacman girl in a Wii world.

You know what they say. Video killed the radio star. Will Twitter kill blogging? I don’t think so. But does it enhance it?

So Twitter…I’m still saving myself for something. Or maybe nothing.


  1. Sunshine says:

    I have resisted the Siren’s song of Twitter all this time, as well all the Twitter counterparts.

    The time suck factor applies for me too, I know myself and I’m sure I’d find it fun and get to know a lot more people and draw some traffic to my blog. But I’d never leave the computer!

    So, I’ll sit on the loser bench with you and we can talk that way, lol

    Sunshines last blog post..Oh My, What a Big Cucumber Festival You Have There

  2. Amy says:

    I’ve caved. I Twitter. But I’m new at it and if the time factor is too much I’m out.

    I text A TON. Believe me, I’m on the unlimited plan. And since I can Twit via text (that’s fun to say) so far I’m good.

    Amys last blog post..Wife Swap

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Ironically, I just posted on twitter how I wished the Facebook twitter ap transferred that direction. I keep that one up a little but rarely remember to go to twitter’s site and haven’t gotten in to all the other ways to do it.


    Holly Schwendimans last blog post..Cheating

  4. shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    First – I can’t believe you think I am cool!!

    OK… I do love Twitter and am struggling to balance it with blogging but I would agree with you about Plurk. I’ve been checking it out for about a week and I just can’t get in to it. The horizontal “timeline” is hard for me to follow and I struggle to keep up with the conversations. I am having problems getting into programs like FriendFeed and StumbleUpon. They feel overwhelming.

    shannanb aka Mommy Bitss last blog post..Is Twitter Killing My Blog?

  5. Jill says:

    I joined Twitter, which is not to say that I do Twitter, because I just don’t have the time. Nor do I think anyone is really interested in what I have to say in 140 characters or less.

    Jills last blog post..Swimming

  6. Liza's Eyeview says:

    I’m not sure if my first comment is just waiting for moderation or it was eaten by the blog monster. I can’t find it so I am commenting again.

    I posted some thoughts on this too the other day. I think I will enjoy twittering but I don’t have any more time to spare – no extra time for any internet stuff – I guess I’d stick with blogging for now. But.. I’d never say never to twittering … maybe someday 🙂

  7. Blonde Mom says:


    I LOVE StumbleUpon. It’s a great traffic generator and it’s fun to see what your friends have been Stumbling. So I’m a big fan of it.

    I rarely get on Facebook. I don’t have a MySpace page. And still not Twittering. 😉

  8. Blonde Mom says:

    Oh and when Dooce started Twittering? I knew it was hawt.

    But I’m just trying to work on my slacker time management skills so…resisting the urge to twit for now.

  9. Bluegrass Mama says:

    I won’t sign up because of the time factor, either. Then again, I don’t do Facebook. Heck, I don’t even read Dooce. Then again, my blog doesn’t draw much traffic because I don’t want to spend the time drumming up business, and then I have the nerve to get discouraged because of my small readership.

  10. Emily says:

    I like facebook – a lot of old friends from school are on there and it’s easier to keep up with what’s going on with everyone, AND it doesn’t have the juvenile feel of myspace.

    I text with BHE. It’s nice because I can contact him during the day without interrupting him at work.

    Twitter though? No thanks.

    Emilys last blog post..Fun with Search Terms

  11. Anne says:

    a friend of mine twittes all the time and her blogging has suffered. I barely have time to blog, so count me out of all this nonsense…you whippersnappers.

  12. Jennilu says:

    My sis Twits all the time, but I haven’t gotten into it. She has internet on her Blackberry and is constantly Twitting about all sorts of stuff. I like it because I can read her Twits and know where she is if she doesn’t answer either of her phones:) Other than that I just don’t think that people should be interested in the fact that I just saw a punker at the mall or that I’m stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, it seems there are a lot of people out there that are interested in just that kind of stuff. I dunno??????

    Jennilus last blog post..Home Sweet Home

  13. Angie says:

    I’m so glad to hear that I’m not the only person obsessed with Flair on Facebook! I have a Twitter account, but I’ve never used it. How sad is that? Maybe I’ll jump on that bandwagon someday. Just not today. 🙂

    Angies last blog post..Friday’s Foto Finish Fiesta

  14. heather says:

    i am resisting the siren song. No facebook, no twitter, no plurk, etc. I just do not have enough hours in the day. With a now-toddler in the house, I’m finding it hard to comment on my fave blogs! (She’s asleep in my lap right now, with my trusty laptop by my side!)

    I hope twitter doesn’t kill blogging. I love my blogging addiction, er, hobby!

    heathers last blog post..Flashback Friday – Sixth Grade

  15. Mof2 says:

    I’m in a hurry trying to comment, so if this has already been posted (sorry and tough) you can just read it again! : P

    I twitter, I use Mommybar to do it. It’s quick and easy. You just click the Twitter icon and there is a box that drops down for you and you typed in the space and that’s it!! Painless…And in that box as well you can see the last few Twitters you are followings tweets. (wow that’s almost a tongue twister)

  16. Nicole says:

    I resisted Twitter for a long time, then joined recently and lasted a week. Maybe. The account is still there, but it was too much of a drain on time to keep up with the conversations.

    I honestly think those that Twitter successfully do it mostly from a mobile phone/Treo/Blackberry. Either that or they are at desk jobs most of the day. Since I don’t have a phone that is easy to text from, and I don’t even have a desk, it just wasn’t a good fit.

    I am digging Facebook right now, I think because it interfaces my real life friends and my internet friends.

    The e-mail you sent to Stumbleupon peaked my interest (and thanks for stumbling me!) but I haven’t had time to really look at it yet. Not much of a time drain, though?

    Nicoles last blog post..big booty shakin’

  17. Malia says:

    Come on, Jamie! You know you want to! All the cool kids are doing it! It won’t take up too much time, you won’t get addicited, I swear!! It’s not like that…oops, gotta go, someone just “tweeted” and I gotta go read what random, voyeuristic thing they’ve said now….but really, come on, you’ll love it!!


    Oh, and Flair RAWKS!! I heart me some flair!

    Man, I think I need therapy…

    Malias last blog post..The No Questions Zone

  18. SoulKia says:

    I don’t use Twitter. I have heard about it and know many people use it, but I really don’t see any real advantages of it’s use.

  19. Ravi says:

    Well you sure have passion. i wish i had as much as you do but I am working on it. Motivational stuff. Thank You

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  22. Double Deadbolt says:

    Twitter is good for keeping your readers on the go up to date on stuff going on. Just don’t post everything you are doing, like when you leave your house, cause there are sites out there like that look for stuff like that. But its a good way to help drive traffic and to get new followers.

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