I Love My Men Shirtless And Playing The Bongos

Does anyone else cringe a bit when they see the Jonas Brothers Monsters of Teen Rock Coiffed Hair in Disney’s Camp Rock promos?

Their stylists obviously are obviously getting a lot of hair action. His eyebrows could be insured by Loyds of London. And I am obviously a 38-year-old woman, and not a 6-year-old girl.

When you’re 6 you want boys to have pretty hair, when you’re 38 you want men to have hair.

Miss C, I hope, is several years from buying her first Teen Beat, but when she saw a TV commercial for Camp Rock she quipped, “He looks like a nice boy!”

Nice boy it is, although her mama does love some bongo playin’, surfin’, shirtless Matthew McConaughey. But then I wouldn’t approve if Miss C wanted to plaster this on her wall:

OK, so he needs to lose the headband. But McConaughey does clean up well when he’s not surfing AND he does love his mama.

So what say ye about men and body hair? Are you a “little dab will do ya” kind of woman? Any men out there reading? Do you get it lasered and tasered? I remember in college the swim team guys and Lance Armstrong types shaving their legs. Last weekend when we were at the pool, resident Back Hair Man was out with his family. He had such an impressive back of hair that Miss A looked at him and said, “That man funny!” Yikes. And then I proceeded to hand her a snack bag filled with cookies so she’d quit staring at his shoulder tufts.

Now one thing I don’t care for? Facial hair. I’m not into beards, moustaches, or soul patches. (Sorry Mrs. F!)


  1. Amy says:

    Was he wearing a headband in that picture? Hum, that isn’t what I was looking at – didn’t notice.

    I’m for a pretty smooth guy. A little bit is OK. Facial hair – generally no, but there can be exceptions.

    Shark Boy, at age 3, sat staring at Jessica Simpson on one of those skin care infomercials and then exclaimed, “I like her! I would marry her!”

    Amys last blog post..You Wanna Know How Bad It Is?

  2. Bridgett says:

    I’ve always been more interested in a rougher kinda guy. Greg Allman, you know, slightly on the scruffy side (but no drugs…). My boy grew a goatee in the summer of Mark McGwire and never looked back. It is better this way. His hair’s a long ponytail, too (obviously a computer geek, yes). I’m not a fan of back hair, however, which he luckily does not have because he would be oblivious to it….

    Bridgetts last blog post..Dr. Horrible

  3. Jennifer says:

    No back hair on my man thank goodness. He does have a moustache, well not a full grown in. He used to have one for like 20 years and since I never saw him without one I asked if he’d ever shave it. He did and although I like the smooth face I missed it, so I asked to grow it back…lol! My Miss A likes him to have a completely smooth face so he keeps it in between to make all of us happy…lol!

    As for boys Miss K has planned on marrying her bff for 3 years now and Miss A talks on her toy cell phone to a boy all the time. Needless to say I’m in trouble when they become teenagers.

    Jennifers last blog post..Is My Child Speech Delayed?

  4. Mrs. F says:

    I worked out with a personal trainer at my gym last week and he has no body hair, he shaves it all off and has the shiniest legs. On the contrary, a guy I work with has so much hair that it even covers his shoulders. Ugh.

    I prefer my man with a modest amount of hair. I used to love when my husband would have a goatee, but I can not stand the stache that he occasionally tries to rock.

  5. Amy says:

    I am very much in the I like my man to have little to no hair club. Luckily as my DH gets older the only thing that has gotten hairier is his chin. Which I am not a big fan of at all. We spend oodles of time making fun of the boys across the street that spend more time on their hair then I do. I like my men to be men but not in the Grizzly Adams sense of the words.

  6. Amy@UWM says:

    Have to admit, I go for the pretty boy type with the high maintenance hair. Not so much for the granola, always looks like they need a shower type. That Jonas kid would definitely be my favorite brother if I was twelve right now.

    Amy@UWMs last blog post..It’s Up to Us

  7. DawnK says:

    I personally am into tall, bald, excuse me shaved with a little goatee – it’s a good thing my husband fits that description. He likes to remind me his baldness is by choice!

    Now that I married to someone with no hair, I don’t give much thought to what kind of hair a man has, unless of course it is disgusting, stick out the top of his shirt, nose and ears hair. Then I have a definite opinion. Yuk.

    I would though, buy my hubby a set of bongos if we would play them shirtless for me. ūüôā

    DawnKs last blog post..Another Girls Night Out

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