1989 Called And Wants Its Drink Specials Back

We had a great time with my friend and his “baby” sister and her boyfriend Friday night (although she’s in her 20s and volunteered with the Peace Corps in Africa so she’s hardly a baby). We met for dinner at this place, which is always a good, casual choice central to downtown Nashville. In 1993 I rented an apartment in that same area for six months and it always transports me back to a point in my life when I was young, single, and had more hair.

I had the best time catching up with my friend, whom I hadn’t seen since Miss A was just a baby. At one point during dinner he had me laughing so hard over sharing his little brother’s “city gay” versus “country gay” theories that I was nearly crying. It sounds cliche, but it really doesn’t matter how much time passes for true friends–they can sit down and catch up without missing a beat.

Then we all meandered over to Cabana, which is a gorgeous restaurant and bar with a fun vibe. I could go on about how I couldn’t believe all the single 20-somethings were walking around in shorts skimpier than my favorite cotton underwear, but then I don’t want to sound like an old boring married woman who usually spends her Friday nights face down in her memory foam pillow after flipping through the latest issue of Southern Living.

I drank one of these at Cabana. Huzzah! I guess this wouldn’t be acceptable on Monday mornings when I need a pick me up at work.

Then we headed over to Tribe and I had a Cosmo, which was too sweet but I zoned out when under pressure to order and wanted something festive because I was at a real live bar with lots of fancy al-kee-haul. Thank God I didn’t order something like a Sex on the Beach or a strawberry daquiri. Hello…1989 called and wants its drink specials back. I also willingly chose to drink white zinfandel at a wedding reception and dinner two weeks ago (hubby is now cringing). I think I may need an alcohol intervention of the What Not To Drink variety. Someone tell me quick, what drinks are en vogue these days? It was a leap for me to order the vodka and Red Bull. I am more of a beer and wine girl at home and I always love margaritas.

And then hubby and I took a cab home a little after midnight. Honestly I can’t remember the last time he and I had to take a cab home. I’m sure it was pre-parenthood, which would be 2000 or 2001.

I had asked my mom to not bring the girls home before 9 Saturday morning. When Miss C asked me where my car was I told her we had ridden in a cab home and that my car was downtown in the city. Of course that was not a thorough enough reply and she asked that question that would make all parents billionaires if they had a dollar each time it was uttered: Why? To which I responded, “Because mommy and daddy were out late and we needed someone to drive us home.” That seemed to satisfy her, although I hope she didn’t tell everyone at her Vacation Bible School program last night that mommy and daddy had to take a cab home Friday.


  1. Bridgett says:

    I’m just another mom…but I think margaritas on the rocks are never out of vogue. My very chic younger sisters are in a jack and coke phase. Or bourbon and water on the rocks. Never mix, never worry? I’d rather have fun than drink that hard, though.

    Bridgetts last blog post..Maeve’s Less Than Triumphal Return

  2. LaskiGal says:

    So, before I head out for a girls night with my own baby sister’s friends next weekend, I need to get caught up on all the hip drinks. Because, I would have been all over that Sex on the Beach . . . as for updates, I might need a makeover as well.

    LaskiGals last blog post..One of THOSE days

  3. Sunshine says:

    I have 3 friends who drink Vodka Red Bulls like they’re Koolaid.

    We had a bachelorette party in Vegas with 30 chicks about 5 years ago and the server had never heard of them. I thought, OK, my lush friends have now made a server in VEGAS learn a new drink. Geez….

    Sunshines last blog post..Never Thought I’d See the Day

  4. Nicole says:

    oh dear lord. Red Bull and vodka? ick. I drank those in college for who knows what reason. they taste like cough syrup.

    and I’m not even going to comment on the Cosmo.

    I’m a bigger fan of rum than many, but Captain Morgan and Diet Coke and I have been friends before, and I’ll never turn down a mojito.

    (a Cosmo? Seriously?)
    ((Love you!))

    Nicoles last blog post..veggie booty

  5. Jennilu says:

    Oh, you know she HAD to tell everyone. The church is probably coordinating an intervention as we speak. I am proud that you didn’t drive, though. Unfortunately, too many people wouldn’t make such a responsible decision.

    Jennilus last blog post..WRONG – On So Many Levels!

  6. Amy says:

    Cosmos are wonderful in my opinion. My new signature drink is Maker’s Mark on the rocks with a splash of water. Once you get past the first 5 sips and the ice is getting melty, you’re good to go.

    Your hubby went to Tribe with you?? I’m SO jealous!!

    Amys last blog post..At Sea

  7. Traci says:

    Get thee a mojito right now! They are awesome and refreshing in the summer. I was always more of a beer gal myself, but I must have lost my taste for it. I prefer a mixed drink these days. Sounds like y’all had a great time!

  8. Jill says:

    I’m a big fan of my own version of gin + tonic. I drink mine with salt on the rim and extra, extra lime and diet tonic, not regular. Sometimes I add a splash of red grapefruit juice. I also like Jack (Daniels) and Ginger(ale). My husband is known far and wide for his awesome martinis – all those little ice chips floating around on the top. I love a gin martini, up, dirty, with three olives.

  9. Jill says:

    Not that I like to drink, mind you. Or have any thing in my life that would cause me to want to drink. Just wanted to make that clear.

  10. Ellen says:

    Ugh, I hate Red Bull & Vodka. I hate Red Bull & anything, though.

    I think it’s okay to order beer or wine at a bar. As long as its not white zin.

    I also quite enjoy saying, “Vanilla Stoli and Diet, please.”

    As if I go out for cocktails. We live in a college town and I’m cheap, so I really mean, “Last time we had a sponsored happy hour at work…”

    Ellens last blog post..Skunks

  11. Anne says:

    there is no such thing as white zinfandel. sheesus. The only zinfandel is RED. Come over, I’ll learn ya.

  12. Lisa says:

    I’m pretty stupid when it comes to the hip club scene as well. Really stupid, actually. I DO know that if you took a cab ride home you must have had a really great time!

    OH – And when Miss C wants to know why you didn’t have your car, start explaining the trials of parenthood!!!

    Lisas last blog post..Birthday Girl

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