Let’s Rally For A Breast Cancer Awareness License Plate For Tennessee

Some of you know that my mother-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and underwent radiation. (Her last mammogram was normal. Hurrah!) I also had a breast cancer scare last year and a lumpectomy but thankfully I was cancer free. The tissue removed from my right breast was just fibrocystic tissue. I’ve got a scar to serve as a reminder that I am healthy and for that I am eternally grateful.

One of my husband’s clients, Kendall, was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had no symptoms; just pain, which is very unusual for breast cancer. It’s truly a miracle that she kept feeling something was not quite right and kept pursuing it. She is a mother to three young children and underwent a double mastectomy. She’s going to be taking a new test drug, in addition to chemo, which she just started. Kendall is a fighter. Her positive, fighting attitude is amazing and inspirational.

On her CaringBridge Journal, Kendall just wrote about a young mother from Middle Tennessee who lost her life to breast cancer last fall. In her honor, her husband has launched a campaign to have a specialty breast cancer license plate issued for the state of Tennessee. 1,000 signatures are needed (with a committment of $35); the deadline is June 30. Tennessee apparently is the only state without a breast cancer awareness specialty plate.

The Greater Nashville Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization is also supporting the specialty license campaign. Proceeds from the new specialty plate will benefit the six Susan G. Komen chapters in Tennessee; the funds will be used to support treatment and educational programs.

Here’s a news interview with Kendall by local NBC affiliate WSMV.

Get some retail therapy and support a great cause! Kendall is having a sidewalk sale at her very cute shop, You’re Invited.


  1. krissy says:

    First, I said it before but will say it again, I am so glad your test turned out good.

    I am such a advocate for any kind of awareness for any cancer. I don’t know if you read my post about me helping with a benefit for a 3yr old boy who has virtually had cancer his whole life.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a cure. Wouldn’t it be a day to celebrate.

    I am totally for the plates bringing awareness. That is totally amazing.

    Kudos for anyone who helps with this! True hero’s are usually those unseen.

    krissys last blog post..My fingers are bleeding from pricing stuff so I figured it’s time to talk about sex!

  2. Karen Lynch says:

    Just “Stumbled Upon” your blog … so glad I did!

    I didn’t realize every state had these plates. (I live in Connecticut, and I swear, I’ve never seen one!) But sure enough, I just went to the link for my local DMV and found it.


    Thanks so much.

    Karen Lynchs last blog post..Extreme Makeover: Website Edition

  3. book diva says:

    It’s great to see you supporting breast cancer.

    California does not have a specialty breast cancer license plate, and I’m sure there are other states that don’t. From what I gather, there are approximately 20 other states that don’t. You need to reflect your blog to be accurate, so it isn’t misleading. I applaud your support, though.

    I have ordered a TN plate and am glad to be one of the first 1000! GO ME!

    “Tennessee apparently is the only state without a breast cancer awareness specialty plate.”

  4. Holly Kay says:

    Wow! Makes me proud to be from Tennessee! I’m in California now–if they had one, I’d order it now.

    I too have scars from biopsies and had some scares. It’s one thing to read about people with cancer. It’s entirely different when your doctor looks you in the eye and tells you that you that your results aren’t what you’d hoped…

    Like you, I am lucky to be healthy and cancer-free. But it’s so important to support these causes for others.

    Holly Kays last blog post..Many Hot Dads (Including My Husband)

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