In Which I Assume He Has No Kids

Miss C and I were out running errands and, somehow sensing I must be close to a liquor store, the hubby called me on my cell phone. Confirming that I was, indeed, in the vicinity of the “bottle store,” our child friendly Bible Belt genteel nickname for the nearby liquor store sandwiched between a Krystal and a florist, he asked me if I’d stop and pick up a bottle of wine to go with dinner.

Miss C was excited because she gets a Dum Dum sucker at the bottle store. As soon as we walked in our friend Mr. Amos, in a gesture reminiscent of an Andy Griffith episode, reached beneath the counter and pulled out the big plastic container of candy for Miss C. She chose a watermelon Dum Dum and we headed toward the wine section. I chose a cab/merlot blend.

A different liquor store employee was working the cash register when we approached the counter and he asked Miss C, barely visible behind me, if she wanted a sucker. She held her sucker in the air and I replied for her, “Oh, she’s already got one. Thank you.”

I spied the large plastic tub of suckers, the type procured at some mega warehouse shopping center, behind him on a shelf and nodded toward it. “Those are lifesavers. It’s always great to have an extra one stashed somewhere.”

Nodding in agreement, the cashier pulled my wine bottle partially out from the brown sack he’d just slipped it into and asked, “Yeah…what did you get?”


  1. Loralee says:

    Oh, I don’t know. One could just as easily deduce that he said that BECAUSE he has kids. (Hee!)

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  2. jennilu says:

    That liquor store is pretty smart. They are training the little ones to love their store before they can actually buy anything there. I can just hear the kids 10 years from now, “honest mom, I was just in there for the Dum Dums.” Mom replying, “Exactly who do you think is the Dum Dum?” 😉

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