The Kicking Wall

Miss A is my night owl. She is my thumb sucker. She is my wall kicker.

Some children have a favorite blankie or lovie, some children cling to a favorite stuffed toy until it is threadbare and loved to the point of raggedness. My child loves her kicking wall.

We spent seven nights at the beach, which was the longest amount of time either of the girls had spent away from their own rooms, their own beds, their own sheets and blankets.

The girls had a wonderful time, but as the week came to a close they started talking about missing home at bedtime. I was helping Miss A put on her teal and pink doggie pajamas the next to the last night of vacation and she looked at me with sunkissed cheeks and said woefully, “I miss my kicking wall mommy.” I’ve never before heard her refer to her bedroom wall as her “kicking wall.” Although I packed pillows from home and a few stuffed animals, they were just temporary comforts. I just hope she eventually outgrows kicking her bedroom wall at night to wind down, or she’ll never be able to find a college roommate.


  1. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Our daughter kicks her wall at night, too. Which wouldn’t be a problem if she weren’t just the other side of our bedroom wall. My husband tried moving her bed away from the wall last weekend, explaining that it would be easier for her to make it.

    “I never make it anyway,” she said, moving it right back.

    Bluegrass Mama’s last blog post..True Confession

  2. Amy says:

    Isn’t it funny the things they do for comfort? My DD kicks her walls if her bed is close (that is part of the reason it is now away from all but one wall). And vacation is fun and wonderful but it is nice to get back home to home.

  3. Deb - Mom of 3 Girls says:

    Oh that’s so funny! Abby has a blankie that’s her comfort item, but Hannah’s are similar to Miss A’s – she sucks her thumb, but instead of kicking her wall, she takes the other hand and plays with her belly button. You’ll rarely see her sucking her thumb without the other hand on her belly – and I can’t put one-piece outfits or swimsuits on her.

    Dresses are a concern too, because she used to hike them up to get to her belly button – kind of cute back when she was in diapers, but nowadays I’ve had to tell her to pull her arm in through her sleeve and get to her belly that way instead. Which also looks strange, but at least it’s better than walking around with her underwear showing. 😉

    Deb – Mom of 3 Girls’s last blog post..Aloha Friday #34

  4. Dawn K says:

    Harper loves his kicking wall too. He shuns the stuffed animals, abhores blankets but methodically kicks the wall until he falls into a slumber. It will be interesting if the baby Kingsley and Harper develop their own morse code!

    Hope you are well! Love the beach pics.


  5. Blonde Mom says:

    Miss C is a hair twirler when she’s tired. I’ve had to discourage her from doing it, though, as we dealt with a horrible knot last year and I had to cut a chunk of her hair!

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