Nine Days And Counting

Miss C is very disappointed to be missing a classmate’s birthday party Sunday at one of those bouncy emporium chains. However, the what the hell factor of a parent purposely planning an event on Mother’s Day is still bothering me, probably because Miss C came home earlier this week and mentioned she wasn’t invited and the friend told her it was because her mother said Miss C hadn’t invited her to her birthday party. Well, Miss C’s birthday is in June and she did not attend preschool with this little girl, so I could only think that the mother was coming up with lame excuses for paring down the invite list. Miss C apparently called the little girl on this and told her she didn’t even know her last summer. The next day Miss C brought home an invitation and it was obvious another child’s name was marked out in ink. Alrighty then.

I tend to obsess about things, though, so as my husband so wisely advises me, quite often: “Let it go.” Obviously I am, but only before first writing about it on the Internet.

No worries, as I have reminded Miss C that next week is a whirlwind of social activity that can only be described as Endoftheschoolyearpalooza, or Thank God I Only Have One Child in Real School/I Don’t Know How You Other Parents Do This. Then again, most of these are school activities, so I should probably recast that as I Don’t Know How You Teachers Do This Are You Nuts.

Miss C is having a friend ride home with her Monday after school. I refuse to use the word play date. For some reason that word is bothersome to me. So, this mama does not do play dates, she does “let’s invite a friend over.” Yes, boring I know. I also say slumber party, and not sleepover.

Tuesday Miss C has a Thank You Sweet Baby Jesus It’s the End of Soccer Season party at the local park. Wednesday morning she has a kindergarten awards ceremony, followed by a field trip. Thursday she has school wide field day. Friday she is spending the night with the hubby’s parents. Saturday she has her last soccer game.

On the other end of the spectrum, poor Miss A “only” has pajama day at daycare Monday. Yeah, it stinks being 3.

I was talking to a friend the other day who was quite wistful about another school year being over, but all I can think of is “Thank God school is almost out. We’re headed to the beach!”


  1. Lindaloohoo says:

    hey, quite the classy mom there. obviously her mama did NOT raise her right.
    we had monkey’s third birthday party at a location that only allowed a certain number of guests, so i had to pare down the list. unfortunately a friend of mine whose son was invited, accidently sent her regrets to our entire mom’s group email list – yeah, so, anyone we were unable to invite knew about it. AND in her email she outed me for being a republican. actually, that may have caused the most damage in the long run . . . haha! she was mortified. i had to laugh when i got so many emails from friends saying omg, they couldn’t BELIEVE she’d done that.

  2. rachel says:

    Holy moses. Seriously. Come on, what kind of mom has their kid do their dirty work? and the invite with the name crossed out? Yeesh.
    I’m looking forward to all the school stuff, but I know it will get crazy once both of them are up there.
    I obsess about little things like this, too.
    Have a great weekend Miss. J.

    rachel’s last blog post..Blankity Blank Blank

  3. Beverly says:

    Do you have room for one more on that beach trip???
    Love your take on all the frantic end of year events.
    Love the way you put your thoughts down.
    Your mom’s new friend, Beverly

    Beverly’s last blog post..HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAX

  4. Erin says:

    wow. I had no idea that moms would do things like not even make a new invite! And why would she expect everyone to cancel Mother’s Day? It’s HER day too- why would she even want to throw the party on that day?? (Is this a popular girl, like one of the Mean Girls??) At any rate, thanks for reminding me about why I am waiting to turn on the babymaker.

    Erin’s last blog post..Friday night! Woo!!

  5. Southern Mom says:

    I guarantee you as thrilled as you are for the school year to end, Miss C’s teacher is 10 times more thrilled…I speak from experience 😉

    I am just appalled by that little girl in Miss C’s class. Well, I guess I should say by her ill-bred mother! Bless her heart, that mama’s got issues.

    Southern Mom’s last blog post..Exhausted

  6. Mandy says:

    I’m astounded that a child’s birthday party is scheduled on Mother’s Day. I run an organization for moms and I didn’t even feel right planning our Mother’s Day picnic on the actual day of Mother’s Day because PEOPLE HAVE THINGS TO DO. Wow. Anyway, I’m Mandy. Nice to meet you!

    Mandy’s last blog post..a distraction of sorts

  7. Mof2 says:

    We have had the same thing happen with b’day party invites! Kayla’s b’day is in June as well, after school is out, we usually don’t do big b’days and so only a friend or two and just family is all that attend, well she has not been invited to parties for the same reason of “not inviting me to your party”. I think it’s sad and pathetic, really.

    I am with you, thank God school is almost out!!

    Mof2’s last blog post..Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cupcake with Hazelnut Coffee Cream Cheese Frosting

  8. Jolly Green Dad says:

    Ohh my, yes….the birthday wars have begun for us as well. I can’t believe that someone scheduled a part on Mothers Day though….What were they thinking? I love your new work endoftheschoolyearpaloza was it? Ohh and yes….there are others of us who do not like the term play date? What about just coming over to play? What happened to that?

    Jolly Green Dad’s last blog post..Longevity and Healthy Aging

  9. Jennifer says:

    I still can’t believe someone would plan a party on Mother’s Day. I mean come on. And then to have the little girl tell Miss C she wasn’t invited because Miss C didn’t invite her to her party when she didn’t even know her. I can’t stand moms like that. Ah I can’t wait till summer too! I can’t wait to not have to take the girls to school every day. On Miss A.’s school days I spend a total of 2 hours in the car and both girls schools are only like 10 minutes away, but it’s all the back and forth. I can’t wait for our first week of not having. Only just over a month to go!!!!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..New Design!

  10. Lisa says:

    We’re going to the beach too – May 24 – 31, outside of Charleston. Wouldn’t that be da bomb if we were going to the same beach?!?

    Hope you have a fantastic Mother’s Day!!!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Dear Mom…

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