A Virtual Baby Shower for Mrs. Fussypants

This week at Blissfully Domestic, the website better than the latest People magazine, we are featuring all things baby as our fearless, pee in your pants funny founder Alli (aka Mrs. Fussypants) is about to have another baby boy. Her fifth I might add. I bow down to Alli and her amazing mommy skills. She also home schools her boys. Just typing that makes me nervous.

“I’m not worthy…I’m not worthy!”


The fabulously talented Karla organized the Blissfully Domestic baby shower. I promise, there will be no annoying games involving tasting baby food that looks like warmed over poop, but there will be tips and giveaways focusing on all things pregnancy and baby this week. While you’re out and about, visit the Mrs. Fussypants Baby Shower Blog and send good wishes to Alli as she and her family prepare to welcome another Southern gentleman to the fold!


My Monday morning working mom post at Blissfully Domestic is all about versatile maternity wear basics for the office. In the three short years since my pregnancy with Miss A, maternity wear has taken leaps and bounds in the realm of fashion, although I always get a little put out with the maternity models, since most of them look like they’ve gained two pounds and we all know that’s not reality. I think I gained two pounds in my right big toe when I was pregnant with Miss C.


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