Shades of Bailing Her Out of Jail as a Teenager

Edited to add: Pssssttttt… I am with the new wheels.

My eight-year-old Pathfinder quit running Wednesday because that is what happens when you are counting on a nice little tax refund and you might splurge and get your eyeballs “fixed.” Wheels trump eyeballs every time. Mama must have a reliable mama mobile.

Hubby had cleared his afternoon yesterday so we could drive about an hour north to scope out a prospective SUV I’d found after a couple of hours of research on every website known to man, from CarMax to Craigslist. Miss A was under the weather so I had kept her home from daycare and she went along for the car shopping expedition. I know. We like to live dangerously. Have you ever taken a small child car shopping?

Miss A was a real trooper during all the various stops we made to get the financial part squared away and I made sure one of those stops included the dollar store for some cold cash bribery items as, of course, I’d forgotten to bring anything to keep her entertained, not even a pack of crayons and a dog eared coloring book. Once it hit 5 p.m., though, we were all wilting and had reached that pivotal point of signing all the important paperwork upstairs at the dealership in the financial office. Miss A was unraveling before our very eyes and I couldn’t sign the paperwork fast enough. She was squirming, kicking her shoes off, throwing her socks, trying to put her bare sweaty feet up on the desk, refusing to sit still, and generally being a very tired 3-year-old. I couldn’t really blame her as I was ready to go home, too, but no one would accept that type of behavior from a 38-year-old woman.

She finally wriggled from the hubby’s arms, dashed out of the room, and I took off after her down the hallway.

I looked left and right and did not see her. It was eerily quiet.

I heard a door at the end of the hall to the right slam.

I walked down and turned the door knob which led to a very large windowed corner office overlooking the car dealer showroom.

It was locked. A car salesman heading down to the showroom looked back up at me over his shoulder and smiled… “Oh, she locked herself in the big boss’s office!”

Miss A had locked herself in the private office of the car dealership owner. The man whose very name was emblazoned on hundreds of shiny cars out on the lot.


Visions of my child locked in an office for hours, starving and ransacking a car dealership owner’s private office as she foraged for a juice box and a pack of crackers rushed through my brain. This could make the 6 o’clock news in small town America!

Then I heard her on the other side and snapped back to reality. She was looking up at me through the glass, looking like a real stinker, obviously finding the situation very humorous. A man who looked amazingly like the businessman depicted in the stately portrait hanging on the office wall ambled up behind her and opened the door. He was very congenial and smiling. I was profusely apologetic and sweating. He offered Miss A jelly beans. I politely declined and grabbed my wayward child.

And then Miss A took wriggled away once again and ran down the hall in the opposite direction, ready for another adventure.

p.s. I am now the proud owner of a sharp black Ford Explorer with a sunroof. I haven’t had a sunroof since I was in college! The girls love it and so do I.


  1. Liza's Eyeview says:

    Congratulations!!! (on the car, not on Miss A’s adventure – although I must admit, that’s a pretty cute story. Not funny at that time for you, but funny now when we read it. Miss A’s is such a cutie you should have let her have one jelly bean. Afterall, she gave you a blog material 😉

    These little cute adventures will pass – enjoy them (it’s easy for me to say that now because I’m over the “pre-school” days with my kids 🙂

    Liza’s Eyeview’s last blog post..Missing My Schwabbie Friends

  2. Jill says:

    Yeah for the new Explorer! I won’t jinx myself by saying how old my car is and how many miles over 100,000 it is. I hope the ‘ole gal just keeps on running….

    Jill’s last blog post..Date Night

  3. Jade says:

    What a funny story! I love how you describe it! It reminds me of the times I went through those horrific experiences with my own three!!!

    Jade’s last blog post..Father & son

  4. Loralee says:

    Yay! for new cars! Boo! for having to put of lasik (I want it SOOOO much).

    Still, wheels must be had and if you have a moment to laugh about (AFTER it is over, admittedly) all the better.

    Loralee’s last blog post..Sideblog: BlogHer ?08

  5. Blonde Mom says:

    I love the “new” (to me as it’s a 2003) wheels so much. Seriously, who knew how fun it would be to have a sunroof?

    My Pathfinder had 115,000 miles and we were hoping we’d get one more summer out of it but it was time to move on. We think it’s the fuel pump, but we need to get it looked at and then try to sell it.

  6. Amy says:

    Congrats on your new ride (*as Amy pushes the jealousy way down deep and scowls at her dirty beat-up Subaru*) I am really happy for ya 😉

  7. Southern Mom says:

    Congratulations on the new car! It’s so exciting for the kids, too. You are making me dread going through the 3s again. I never thought I’d make it out alive the first time, and now I’ve got to do it again TWICE (I really dread having one 3 while having one 2…shoot me now!)

    Southern Mom’s last blog post..Time and Motivation

  8. No hell says:

    Based on my experiences with car dealers, perhaps he may have deserved a few minutes in a locked room with a cranky 3-year-old.
    Congrats on the new ride!

  9. jack parler says:

    It’s been quite sometime since I last visited this blog. Look like you have another great post entry again. lol. When are you going to stop posting good stuffs? 😀

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