It’s Her Party, and We’ll Cry Over the Bill Whether We Want To Or Not

Tiaras sparkled under a spinning disco ball, bejeweled wands waved back and forth in the air to the beat of a Hannah Montana song, updos were thoroughly lacquered with silver glitter hair spray, and several divas had already taken to the stage in heels. No, this wasn’t drag queen night at a Key West bar or a beauty pageant a la Little Miss Sunshine, but a weekend birthday party for one of Miss C’s classmates at one of those fancy child centric salons designed to bring out the inner princess in even the most tomboyish little girl.

I was admittedly skeptical about such glitz and glamour for 5 and 6-year-olds, but a few minutes into the party I sat laughing with the other moms to the point of nearly crying and thanking God I wasn’t paying the bill. I’ll have to admit that for the overall “wow” factor this was a little girl’s dream and possibly every other parent’s nightmare once the party bar is placed this high. Parties at these girly girl salons make an afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese seem as glamorous as the soup and potato bar at Golden Corral. There’s even a hot pink stretch limo to rent for those parents who aren’t worried about raising the next suburban Paris Hilton. The runway presentation of the little princess party goers ended with a conga line weaving throughout the store before the girls headed to the party room for cake. No, I am not kidding.

The girls loved every minute of it, although for a few girls who seemed fairly self conscious about whooping it up on the runway. I could foresee the future partiers in 13 years or so. It was easy to guess which girls would be dancing on a table at a frat party and which girls would be content to sit on the couch, silently shaking their heads as their friends made fools of themselves. Miss C was a little hesitant, but when she saw the mosh pit of twirly costumes to choose from she nearly dove headfirst into the pile of dress up clothes. Her dress of choice was a fancy sequined mermaid gown.


Prepping for her diva debut on the runway.

Miss C has been invited to another girly girl salon party at the same swank place this weekend, but she has a soccer game at the same time. She’s not really happy about missing a free updo and manicure.

We’ve always managed to have pretty simple birthday parties, but the kindergarten party circuit is definitely more elaborate. I guess we could always do a makeover party at our house this summer but the thought of a dozen girls painting their fingernails and screaming Hannah Montana songs at the top of their lungs is nearly enough to make me write a blank check.


  1. kara in kansas says:

    Wow, I SO live in Kansas, I’ve never even heard of the girly girl salons before. Are they like day spas for kids? Sounds amazing-and quite expensive!!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Yes, the one we have been to is a chain called Sweet & Sassy. There is also one called Club Libby Lu.

    I might be tempted to do this for her if I can get her to limit it to a couple of friends or just treating her to a haircut there (and mom/daughter outing.) The packages get very expensive!

  3. Bridgett says:

    The flash forward to frat parties is a good insight.

    On my block I have a pact with the other moms to NOT have chuck e cheese or girly salon parties. And the shcool my daughter attends is run by radical peace activists and Catholic Workers. There’s no danger of a Libby Lu party. And I am very relieved. Low key is my style.

    Bridgett’s last blog post..Pie

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    I have to tell ya’ll the irony of all this is that the first of these parties she was invited to was put together by a mom who is a women’s studies professor at a local liberal arts college. She definitely doesn’t seem the Paris Hilton wannabe mom type so I was surprised!

  5. The Mrs. M says:

    I can’t even imagine what the bar will be like when I have children. Geesh!

    Have Miss C invite only 5 or 6 friends and find a few neighborhood/highschool babysitters who will give manis/pedis and an updo! Easy Peasy!

  6. Amy says:

    Once again, a little happy I don’t have another girl. It sounds like a blast. Probably the fanciest party I did for Sugar was Belle Meade Plantation Tea Party. That was tons of fun. We did that twice actually. But this was before the sassy salons came to town.

    If I were you, I’d write that check.

    Amy’s last blog post..Txt Drty 2 Me

  7. DBN says:

    I wrote the check.

    It wasn’t a salon, it was a party barn with animals and fishing. No one came to my house, she did the cake, the juice, the favors, the plates… etc.

    I wrote the check… happily. Seeing all the kids fishing with their parents was so great, it was worth it.

  8. Mrs. F says:

    Oh. Mah. Gawd.

    I looked it up when I was planning my daughters last birthday and those parties can run up to $40 PER GIRL. There is no friggin way I would spend that much on a 4-year olds party. Maybe when she is 8 and she will actually remember it and she can select only 2 friends to take with her, but not before then, LOL.

    Ugh, setting the bar too high.

    Mrs. F’s last blog post..Movie Quoting

  9. Amy says:

    Wow, that makes my McDonald party seem so inadequate. Thank goodness I still live in a community where we have no such places, I definitely could not keep up!

  10. Blonde Mom says:

    Miss C changes her mind after each party she attends, so who knows what we’ll end up with by June! Heck by then maybe I can convince her going to McDonald’s would be en vogue. 😉

    I just know whatever precedent we set, it better be as low as possible because baby sister is going to want the SAME THING next March.

  11. rachel says:

    I’ve heard of these and I think it is a fabulously darling idea, as long as I’m not footing the bill 🙂
    Glad y’all had fun. That picture is super precious!!

    rachel’s last blog post..Baptist Seating, Parking Lot Style

  12. pinks & blues girls says:

    Who doesn’t love to get all dolled up every once in a while? And hey, if someone else is going to foot the bill, even better!! Miss C looked so adorable in her little diva outfit!

    You know, now that I’ve met you in person, I can’t help but read your blog with your Southern accent in my mind! Haha!

    Jane, Pinks & Blues

  13. Lisa says:

    My Goosey would LOVE that, although I think she’d be shy on the runway too! My Lulu however would completely diva it up down the runway!!!

    Goosey’s birthday is in 17 days (hey, who’s counting) and we’re having a cheerleading party. I’ve ordered pom poms & megaphones for the guests, and we’re getting one of those big bounce house deals, but that’s about it! I hope she loves it though, and I’m thankful we don’t have one of those glam boutiques too close to our house 🙂

    Lisa’s last blog post..Me as the mother hen…

  14. Bluegrass Mama says:

    The closest I came is when I bought a bunch of “tattoo markers” for BD’s 5th(?) birthday party, and a friend used them to draw bracelets and rings on the girls. They loved it, and I think I spent $3.99 on the box of markers.

    Bluegrass Mama’s last blog post..Ramblin? On

  15. Pam says:

    I live in NJ and these are all TOO COMMON. Can we please go back to Pin the Tail on the Donkey and birthday cake? I am so fed up with people trying to keep up with celebrities and putting themselves into debt just to keep up with the Joneses. I only have Monkey Man now, but if there is ever a sister I will try my darndest to avoid these scenes.

    Pam’s last blog post..Hangin

  16. Cari says:

    is that really what I have to look forward to? Million Dollar Birthday parties?

    Cari’s last blog post..For Michelle

  17. Amy says:

    They are doing those here too. You are making me dread kindergarten parties. Hopefully, we will get to hang out with cheap families next year 🙂

  18. Blonde Mom says:

    I got really excited last night because I asked her what she wants to do and what she really wants to do is have a backyard luau, only she can’t remember to say luau and says backyard “hulau” party. So, kind of a cross between luau and hula. 😉

    Then she started talking about filling the entire back yard with sand.

  19. heather says:

    My 8 yo niece had one of the girl salon parties this year, and I know that she and her friends had fun.

    BUT…why can’t a couple of moms get together and do hair and makeup at home? It’s cheaper and I think they’d have the same amount of fun.

    This is one of things I do NOT look forward to as a parent. The one-up-manship of birthday parties. When I was growing up, we had birthday parties with family only, except for a few special years. Then it was the same for both of us. As the younger sister, I knew when to expect a big birthday party.

    Our little one will be 1 in May, and the temptation is huge to invite alot of people. But I want to set the tone that birthday celebrations are family only, except for special birthdays.

    I’ll get off my soapboax now…

    heather’s last blog post..Aloha Friday

  20. Jennilu says:

    I had a 2-in-1 slumber party (you know, first and last) for my daughter on her 8th birthday. After the kids got Sharpie on my dining room chairs, paint on my deceased grandmother’s antique furniture and milk on the oriental rug, I decided NEVER again! I’m just not a slumber party mom. Good luck!

    Jennilu’s last blog post..Kaylea Is Going Green

  21. Jennifer says:

    We have a kids salon near by that does that. I hope to do it one year for one of the girls parties, but it’s so costly. We do home parties and with all the family and friends we invite it would cost way too much to have it anywhere else. My Miss A’s party is next weekend and we have 30 people coming and this is with several not being able to come. I’ve thought of having my own “home version” and have some of the parents help run a station. Would cost a ton less and we could not have to limit the guests as much.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Advertise with Me…

  22. Jenny says:

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