Make Mine a Double

I just finished reading Stefanie Wilder-Taylor’s wickedly hilarious new book, Naptime is the New Happy Hour: And Other Ways Toddlers Turn Yourself Upside Down, as part of a MotherTalk blog book review tour.

Although we all have obviously survived the terrible 2s reign of terror at my house, there were times I 51xjxrkprel_ss500_.jpg would lament to my best friend, mom, and pretty much any stranger at the grocery store that 2-year-olds can totally suck the lifeblood out of you. It also probably didn’t help that I was pregnant with Miss A during the height of Miss C’s terrible 2s. In my opinion it’s a critical phase of childhood that is nature’s way of weeding out the parenting wimps.

Stefanie’s first book was the popular Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay. She writes no-nonsense parenting insight, with a lot of humor, like the best girlfriend who will sit down and tell you straight up how tough parenting can be.

If you’re stickler for hard-core parenting advice philosophies, this book is probably not for you. Save those information quests for the frantic midnight Google searches (key words: toddler, insanity, mom, Exorcist, help) and your pediatrician. If you can appreciate a good laugh, laid back parenting, and someone who can joke about their child possibly being the spawn of Satan during a toddler meltdown, then this book is for you. I’d share it with a best girlfriend who’s about to have her fourth child, your co-worker who jokes about escaping to the office to get a little mini sabbatical, free coffee included, from her kids, and any mom who wants to take hard core parenting advice with a grain of salt, preferably margarita salt.

This is a fun fast read similar and is a nice balance to all of the uber parenting advice on the market that can be overwhelming. Let’s face it, sometimes all you need is a pack of dollar stickers and a trip to Target to make your kid, and you, happy.

Because I think all moms deserve a good laugh, and a glass of wine, I’m giving away a copy of Naptime is The New Happy Hour. Simply leave a comment on this post by midnight Friday, April 11 and I’ll draw a random winner from all qualifying entries (U.S. and Canadian addresses only.)

p.s. Stefanie Wilder-Taylor lives in California with her husband and three little girls and blogs at Baby On Bored.


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Ya’ll this book is seriously hilarious.

    DBN…I had a GREAT time and they let us bring home a ton of products (they are shipping them to us via FedX so we didn’t have to fool with packing them). I’ve got to post about it and I want to upload my pictures to Flickr.

    Any way, it was a very cool trip. I’m still trying to absorb it all!

  2. Amy says:

    Pick me, pick me! 🙂 My daughter is really giving me a workout these days. Gotta love two 🙂

    Sooooo great to see you! We must make this an annual thing 🙂

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    For anyone interested in reviewing for MotherTalk, just visit their website and read the information about signing up. They need reviewers for all types of books.

  4. pauline says:

    Thanks for conmenting on my blog and for the tips about Blog Her and such. I’ll definitely be looking into that!
    As for this book-I’d love a copy.
    Oh-and I’ll be signing up for MotherTalk, as well! Thanks! I plan on keeping in touch and checking out your blog often.

    pauline’s last blog post..She’s PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Deborah says:

    Oh, this is soooo definitely needed in our household. Please, please, please draw my name. dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. Michelle says:

    I’m not sure if I should be happy or scared that my pregnancy will be done right before my daughter turns 2. It means I don’t have to deal with it during the pregnancy hormones…but with the post-pregnancy hormones, sleep deprived, and a new baby in tow it might be even worse. I figure if I can just get through the next 18 months, life will be somewhat smooth sailing until the first one hits puberty!

    Michelle’s last blog post..Where is my Northerner In The South handbook?

  7. tammy b says:

    she sounds like someone i would like to be friends with! with a 6yo and 4yo twins – all girls – this book needs to visit us.

  8. LaskiGal says:

    “If you can appreciate a good laugh, laid back parenting, and someone who can joke about their child possibly being the spawn of Satan during a toddler meltdown, then this book is for you.” Yay! Just what I need. We had a glimpse of toddler-hood tonight and it ain’t pretty. We were CLUELESS. Thank goodness it was just a glimpse . . .

    LaskiGal’s last blog post..Thursday Thirteen: What I’ve Learned

  9. Kristy says:

    My daughter will be 2 in about 3 weeks and I am currently 8 months pregnant with my second… you could say I need a good laugh!

  10. Southern Mom says:

    Ahhhhhh…happy hour. I need one of those right now!
    Enter me, and I (too) can’t wait to hear all about THE TRIP!

  11. Audrey - Pinks & Blues says:

    I’m off to get this book!! I need a good laugh. I need a good book to read! Anything right now other than Dr. Suess would be good!! 🙂
    Wished I could have been there at J&J… my sister Jane represented the Pinks & Blues Girls! 🙂

  12. Pam says:

    Oooo, me, me (raising hand, jumping out of desk)! I love tell-it-like-it-is parenting. Personally, I like to scare the hell out of moms-to-be as often as I can!

    Pam’s last blog post..Hangin

  13. Cindi says:

    Greetings, What a delightful book. I will take humor wherever I can find it! It is what keeps me going. Pleas enter me in your book drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  14. Lisa O says:

    What a great review!!! I think we all can relate…

    Thanks for the chance from a mother of a two year old…

  15. rachel says:

    Yes please!
    Sounds fabulous! If I don’t win, I’ll probably pick it up anyways 🙂

    rachel’s last blog post..Thithter Ow-side Fooball

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