Your Assignment, Should You Accept It…

I don’t want anyone to trashing the place while I’m here at Camp Baby so I’m leaving you with an assignment to keep you occupied. And why, oh why do I immediately I start singing “Treasure, Treasure, Buried Treasure” by the Backyardigans as I type this? Because as much as I thought we’d be the PBS puritanical TV family since hubby and I were raised on Oscar the Grouch and Mr. Rogers, we qualify more as the poster family for Nick Jr. Now that the girls have seen that Kids’ Choice Awards commercial featuring comedian Jack Black and the remix of AC/DC’s Back in Black, they’re never going to believe me when I tell them that’s not quite how that song goes.

Sarah at The Organized Mom came up a creative contest idea…the first ever collaborative blog treasure hunt, sponsored by Little Piddles, Mom4Life, and Island Baby Boutique.

Visit the site for more details and a full list of participating blogs. The contest runs until May 2, so be sure to check it out.

Now if you get really antsy while I’m gone, there is always dirty laundry.

p.s. My life is now complete as I had my photo taken with Ted Allen last night!


  1. Jamie says:

    Ted Allen was on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy and he’s now on Top Chef on Bravo.

    He’s really awesome and personable and cute! (And gay, so you know it’s totally OK for me to have a celebrity crush on him.) 😉

    Sonia, I hope to post that photo SOON. You can Photoshop away babe.

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