The One That Gave Me Carpal Tunnel

It’s the weekend before Miss C’s spring break, only I’m not feeling so spring breakish. She was sent home from school yesterday and today was diagnosed with strep. Thankfully we hadn’t booked a Caribbean cruise, although we could all really use one. Still, I’m hoping that she’ll be feeling good by Monday so we can enjoy having the week off.

This is going to be one of those long, I’d love to thank the Academy posts so grab a cold beer, a Coke, a Chai Latte, or whatever floats your boat and pull up a chair.

Liza at Liza’s Eyeview in beautiful Hawaii was sweet enough to give me an E for Excellent blog award. Liza is a real sweetheart. My mom reads her blog and Liza even sent my mom a Valentine’s Day card.


I realized in going back through my archives that I do a fairly decent job of thanking people for blog awards, but then I pretty much suck at paying it forward. So, like, check out these most excellent bloggers, dude! (Is it dorky that I am now channeling Keanu Reeves or maybe the California surfer dude sea turtle dad from Finding Nemo?) I’m supposed to award this to 10 bloggers.

Now give me some fin…

Jen at Get in the Car!
Colleen at The Delaney (and Waylon) Diaries
Erika at Momsational and Plain Jane Mom
Holly at Holly’s Corner
Sonia at …and the Pursuit of Happiness
Jennifer at Playgroups are no Place for Children
Ginger at Gingersnaps
Sarcastic Mom
and Kelly at Filtering Life

I also got a fabulous Blogger of the Year Award from Kailani at Island Life. I’m not really sure what the Earth is nestled in in this graphic, but it kind of bothers me for some reason, maybe because it resembles some bodily orafice.


I’m going to present this marshmallow morphing the Earth bling to three Nashville bloggers who are the busiest bloggers I know. I can think of at least three blogs or websites that they each regularly contribute to:

Busy Mom, Lindsay at Suburban Turmoil and Mrs. Fussypants (don’t forget to check out her latest, Blissfully Domestic. I’ll be posting over there about issues related to working moms.

Lastly, Mom of 3 Girls presented me with a Beautiful Blogger award.


I want to pass this on to some bloggers I’ve met in real life and to some of you whom I feel like I’ve met in real life:

Sitting Still (Nicole just landed herself a writing gig at Parent Dish!); Amy at Milkbreath and Margaritas; Jennifer at Little Piddles; Debunot; Anne at Bun in the Oven; Mrs. Flinger (still peeing on sticks after all these years); Rachel at Monkeys and Princesses; Meredith at Like Merchant Ships, and Amy at Mom Advice.

White Trash Mom, one of the first blogs I discovered two years ago, recently honored me as part of their regular “White Trash Mom’s Monday List of Moms I Want on My Side” feature. Love the bling.


Thanks for all the bloggy love. Now send us some stay healthy vibes, will you?



  1. Filtering Life says:

    Aww shucks girl! You know I feel the same way. I am honored and I am giving you my best hang loose hand sign…for EXCELLLLLLLLENT! I have to agree with you on the world’s best blogger picture. Totally a butthole. But…get it…oh man…you should still feel honored. You rock!

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    Ahhhh!!! XOXO. Thank you, babe. You knows I lurve you. I’d name my firstborn after you but she already has a name and LJ doesn’t have the same ring… 😉

    Mrs. Flinger’s last blog post..Look at me

  3. Jennifer says:

    Thanks Jamie! I hoep she feels better soon. Good thing is you caught it early so the meds should be working so she can go to school this morning. If this helps at least she got strep throat and not strep anywhere else. Miss K got it around her mouth and had these blisters for a few weeks, very yucky, my poor thing. Plus my cousin’s kid got strep down in her privates…ouch! Yes you can get strep just about anywhere. Thank goodness for antibiotics!

    Jennifer’s last blog post..It’s Party Time!

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