Were You Ever So Small

…that you were still brand new?


…that you slept in a bassinet?


…that you fit in a baby swing?


…that you looked tiny in your bouncy seat?


…that you lost all your baby hair?


…that I would gain 5 pounds just by inhaling your chunky baby rolls?


…that drooling while looking adorable was the afternoon’s entertainment?


…that learning to crawl was the biggest news of the week?


…that you barely had enough hair to justify a pony tail holder?


Happy 3rd birthday to our sweet Miss A.

I worked on this post last night instead of making your pink cupcakes because it dawned on me that I was starting to forget some of these things. And that is something I don’t ever want to do.


  1. Kolleen says:

    You just made me tear up. Now I am going to look at the pics of my boys. Sniff Sniff. They grow up TOO fast. Happy Birthday Miss A!

  2. Paytonsmomma says:

    Time flies! They’re sweet tiny babies and then you blink. Don’t you hate blinking?!?! I’ve got to find a way to stop blinking. I can’t believe mine will be 2 this year. Tomorrow….college.

    Paytonsmomma’s last blog post..Pass Me A Rita!

  3. Tracy says:

    What a beautiful little munchkin!
    She is going to have lots of little boys coming to your door in a few years!

    Happy Birthday Miss A!

  4. Lisa says:

    So, so, so sweet! What a doll baby she is. And three already? How DO they grow up so fast??? Don’t you wish you could just freeze time for a little bit?

    Enjoy your sweet Miss A’s birthday 🙂

    Lisa’s last blog post..Off we go!!!

  5. Ken says:

    That is just awesome. Capturing those moments with that type of timeline is so meaningful and can come in handy probably during the teen years as a grounding reminder. My kids love looking at old videos of when they were babies and seems to bring us closer together.

  6. Richie Ann says:

    I think of that often, how I’m forgetting things, and if I had time I’d write down every second because I love my kids that much! They say it goes by fast and they sure arent’ kidding!

  7. Jen M says:

    Jamie those pictures killed me.

    KILLED me. I’d better not get pregnant because of this – seriously, my ovaries are working overtime just lokoing at the newborn picture.

    Jen M’s last blog post..Call for Entries

  8. Jennifer says:

    Happy Birthday! I love little baby pictures. Dosen’t make me WANT another one, but I’d sure love to hold a new baby. Then give it back.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Would it be evil??

  9. Brandy says:

    How precious! Happy birthday, Miss A!

    I love going back and looking at old pictures and videos of my kids. They are growing up way too fast.

  10. December says:

    Today is my last of three sons birthday, he turns one today.

    THanks for making me bust out in tears!

    Decembers last blog post..Stumbleupon for beginners.

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