A Mother’s Prayer

Dear Lord:

Thank you for Miss A’s love of the potty and thank you for making 2008 the Year of the Big Girl Panties. That is truly awesome.

Now Lord, you work in mysterious ways and only you know why Miss A is now boycotting washing her hands at daycare and giving her teacher the evil stink eye when asked to wash up after potty time. Please Lord give her the desire to cleanse her hands thoroughly after using the potty and to obey her teachers and especially her doting mother, for that matter. Please God let the banning of TV and computer time yesterday and the threat of holding back on her Valentine’s Day candy let serve as a motivating factor today.

Speaking of daycare, God please let that mother who keeps bringing in McDonald’s breakfast for her child to eat at the table while the other children eat cold Cheerios realize that not only is she being inconsiderate, but she’s making the classroom smell like a fry cook apron.

And God, the parents and daycare teachers who drive into the “exit,” rather than the entrance, at daycare? Please make them stop before I flip them off in the parking lot in front of my sweet children.

Thank you, as always, for the girls’ ability to always make me laugh. That is my saving grace.



  1. Rachel says:


    How inconsiderate of her. Sheesh.
    I love this!! Love this love this love this!
    ‘the year of the big girl panties’
    Amen sistah!!
    Happy Friday

    Rachel’s last blog post..Tour ‘ku

  2. Anne says:

    Have you tried getting her a personal bottle of princessy soap? My girls LUFF that crap.

    It wouldn’t be childcare is at least one of the moms wasn’t inconsiderate. I mean, honestly.

    Anne’s last blog post..mice chronicles part trois

  3. Blonde Mom says:


    The fancy pants princessy soap works at home but at daycare I know they would frown upon her having “special soap.” The problem, I think, is that she is in a new classroom and doesn’t like the teacher. But she cannot sass her teacher! Therefore mama is witholding the goods…Dora, candy, and computer games…until she follows directions.

    Mwaa haa haa haa.

  4. Traci says:

    Oh, yes. How about the lovely dad of my 3 year old’s friend who said, when my Abby told him that his daughter had pushed her on the playground (she just wanted everyone to know that she had been wronged, I guess) “Well, did you have it coming?”

    Sweet Holy Moses, that pissed me off.

  5. patriciaj says:

    At least you turned it into a prayer and not a rant. The McDonald’s thing will continue. My daughter told me that a mom brought in 20 hamburgers and french fries as the treat for her son’s birthday party in the classroom. My jaw, well it opened wide. I send cupcakes.

    patriciaj’s last blog post..Valentine?s Day Roundup

  6. Jade says:

    Hi There!

    Hope you also had a Happy Valentines Day, it’s always nice to get a comment from someone else who blogs outside of Maya’s Mom!

    Jade’s last blog post..BFF’s Forever!!!

  7. Library Mama says:

    My question is this:

    If a child can have McDonald’s breakfast while the other children are having cold Cheerios, why can’t another child have special Princess soap?

    Hope all is well with you and yours. I’ve not been a very faithful blogfriend lately – to anyone. It was great to pop in and visit you again.

    Take care.

  8. DBN says:

    I confess I am sometimes the Mom that sends her kids in with food… so I apologize to you for those moms. It just can’t always be helped. Of course, our daycare always has hot breakfast too, so no one is really left out. I also usually buy some extra hashbrowns or whatever to share. (See how well I can justify this!?)

    DBN’s last blog post..To do list.

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