Don’t You Wish Your Doggie Was a Freak Like Ours?

Over the holidays (yes I am still talking about the holidays…please, it’s only January, I am still recovering) Miss C went over to my mom’s house for the few days I had to actually go in and work check e-mail and drink coffee in the glorious solitude of my office. My mom brought Miss C home one day after lunch and Miss C promptly started hitting Bailey, our 10-year-old Corgi/German Shepherd mix, as hard as she could right above her tail bone with the palm of her bare hand.

My mom: “Oh honey, don’t hit Bailey!”

Miss C: “She likes it Grandma!”

Me: “Oh it’s okay. Bailey loves to be spanked.”


I took yesterday off since school was not in session and Miss C and I had rare a mommy/daughter outing to the big mall south of here after her morning dentist appointment. We hit Claire’s first and did some serious four dollar damage. Good Lord that place is like retail heroin to a 5-year-old girl and as luck would have it they were slashing prices. Miss C spent her hard earned allowance on a pink Barbie wallet, an adorable pair of sheer white daisy fairy wings that I still can’t believe were just a dollar, Hello Kitty lipgloss in a toy cell phone, and a mini Doodle Bear. I couldn’t come home empty handed for Miss A, so I picked up some Dora slippers sporting some frou frou maribou for a big fat dollar.

After all these exhaustive major purchases that required us to make such life changing decisions as, “Do I want the Barbie wallet, which I could use for cookie and milk money at school, or do I want to invest in the sparkly plastic headband trio?,” we headed upstairs and stopped at the pet shop on our way to browse, yes just browse, in Build A Bear and the Disney Store. Seriously if Miss C had known that all this was on our afternoon agenda, her mind would have exploded just trying to wrap itself around the awesomeness. I have skillfully denied both my children the pleasure of Build A Bear since our neighborhood mall has been slowly dying for years and the best thing going for it was a generic Chuck E. Cheese and a working elevator.

But back to the pet shop. I am easily distracted by retail therapy.

There were all sorts of adorable pedigreed puppies but I bet none of them grows up to have a spanking fetish like Bailey.

Mutts rule!


  1. Filtering Life says:

    Kinky little Bailey..KINKY! I wonder if he likes his hair pulled too?

    Oh Claires…can I say again how I can’t wait for Chloe to hit the dress up, gaudy phase…FUN!!!

  2. Anne says:

    oh wow…I think I know about that weird dog-spanking thing…and it’s not because the dog is necessarily a perv. (although it could be) My lab kinda likes that too…right by the tail on her backside…I think it is because the dogs themselves cannot reach that particular spot (they aren’t contortionists…not really after all) and so to get scratched or patted (ok, yes spanked)there just plain feels good. And it’s not hurting anybody right?

    PS I have not taken any of the girls to Claire’s boutique just because I never take them anyplace other than walmart or mcdonalds but your entry has kind of intriged me very much.

    Anne’s last blog post..bright eyed and bushy tailed

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    I think taking your daughter to Claire’s is a right of accessorizing passage or something. She loved the entire store. Oh and the Hannah Montanta hair clips…oh my!

    We’re working with her on allowance/chores and now that she’s seen the goods at the mall I told her she can save her money for a few months and go back and get something. She’s also nuts over those damn Webkinz! There’s always a kid marketing scam to get our money. 😉

  4. Greta Adams says:

    bwhahhahahahahahahahaha girl your title i swear i spit tea!!! so was not expecting that….

    and that story is hysterical!

    SCORE with the claire’s purchases!! i would have had to ponder the wallet vs the headbands too!! 😉

    Greta Adams’s last blog post..It’s always something

  5. shannanb aka Mommy Bits says:

    The fact that your dog has a fetish, of any sort, is sooo funny.

    When I was in college my roommate and I both had female cats. The cats were absolutely inseperable, so much so that we thought they might be lesbian cats.

    shannanb aka Mommy Bits’s last blog post..I’m an Aunt

  6. Lisa says:

    Goosey won a trip to Claire’s for having skid free panties a few months back. When we went in the store she had to tell every blessed employee why we were there. She then fell in love with this keychain of a cow that when you sqeeze it, it looks like it’s taking a dump. I couldn’t believe she liked this so much, and was trying to escort her to the bazillion of other things a three-year-old girl should like when the store worker commented that the keychain would be an appropriate reward for her “skid free panties”. And no, that didn’t pressure me into buying the keychain!!!

    Lisa’s last blog post..Tomorrow…

  7. Pattie says:

    If Bailey starts dressing in leather and carrying a little doggie whip around, you have a major problem on your hands *LOL*

    Pattie’s last blog post..Opportunity

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