I’ve Got the Urge, the Urge to Purge

Now that Christmas has finally been packed away in the attic, I’m nesting. I think of it as having all the benefits of being pregnant and about to pop without the swollen ankles, 11 p.m. cravings for Taco Bell MexiMelts, or labor pains.

I’ve been on an organizing and decluttering spree (must make room for those 9 million plastic hair accessories left by Santa), and I’ve written an article at DivineCaroline about stylish storage finds for toys I found on the Web. Since Christmas I’ve filled a 30-gallon trash bag with clothes Miss A has outgrown, encouraged Miss C to go through her room and watched her happily fill a bag with stuffed animals to donate to Goodwill, removed all of our kitchen cabinet hardware and washed it in the dishwasher, and organized our family home movie DVDs and put them in chronological order.

Now if I can just train our dogs to only shed hair outside. Jack, our Akita mix, is doing his annual full coat blowout and so far he’s lost enough fur to stuff a California king duvet. Honestly if a vacuum cleaner manufacturer wants to adopt a family, please consider us. We are the poster family for Hepa filtration.

Lo and behold the urge to organize in January must be universal because it’s all over the blogosphere…

Fabulous Mommy Fussypants posted a cool, and frugal, idea recently for storing kids’ toys.

Meredith at Like Merchant Ships wrote about toy storage.

My fellow DivineCaroline buddy, Amy Clark at Mom Advice, wrote an article about frugal storage options.

Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer is now a contributing editor at BlogHer and her first article was about teaching your kids to declutter.

The blogger formerly known as the Sarcastic Journalist, Rachel, has a new blog chronicling her family’s quest to live a simpler life, free from the urge to buy, buy, buy. And Chris at Notes from the Trenches has a new blog chronicling her family’s (of seven children) quest to stop shopping for one year.

For me, the fight against clutter is a bit of a challenge. Sure I have a 5-year-old who willingly fills a bag with her unwanted stuffed animals, but she slept with the Target toy wish book during the entire month of December and has been brainwashed by Billy Mays infomercials.

p.s. Christine at From Dates to Diapers asked me to help spread the word about the Pure Essentials laundry supply giveaway on her blog…go check it out! As someone who recently had to make a few trips to the laundromat due to a broken dryer, I found myself extremely grateful for the ability to do laundry at home. Yes, sometimes it’s the simple things that make you happy.


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Tee hee. Definitely NOT pregnant.

    And the drawer pulls were nasty. We’re talking several years’ worth of yogurt and grape jelly covered little hands grabbing them.

    I am going to post a photo later of my mountain of laundry.

    Now THAT is a problem that just won’t go away, and I can’t just stash it in a basket. 😉

  2. Amy says:

    I went and bought a bunch of plastic tubs to organize toys. 4 tubs + a toybox full sounds like too much for one little 6 year old. But he plays with everything so it is hard to get rid of things. I have to say the one bad thing about wood floors is that there is no carpet to suck in the dog hair so I have doghair tumbleweeds all over. But I know when I sweep it up that I got all of it. I hope somebody gives you one of those great vacuums.

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    We have a mix of hardwoods and carpet. The only carpet is now in our den and our downstairs bonus type room (used to be the garage in our 1968 ranch style home.)

    I’m dreaming of a carpet free house as long as we have indoor slash outdoor dogs! (Who should really be outdoor dogs but are spoiled.) 😉

    p.s. Swiffers rule!

  4. Ginger says:

    I have been on a cleaning and organizing spree lately also! It feels so good to get rid of the clutter! If you figure out how to teach the dog to shed outside, let me know! LOL! Thanks for the Pure Essentials giveaway info – I love Pure Essentials! Have you tried it? Nothing works better on my laundry and it smells so good!

  5. Matt says:

    Here it is July and I am feeling the same thing you did in January… hummm i know I am not pregnant (male) and it is hotter than h*ll in Nevada right now so it is not the weather. Guess we are just on different de-cluttering cycles.

    Matts last blog post..Cheap Holister Clothes

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