I am an Enigma Wrapped in Clean, but Wrinkled, Laundry

The irony of writing about decluttering and organization while mount laundry looms in the farthest corner of my house is not lost on me.


I was reading a post by my blog buddy Mari and could relate to what she said about self-discipline and being an odd mix of a perfectionist and a procrastinator.

That is pretty much me in a nutshell.

I love it, in theory, when our house is neat and organized and clean. It’s just getting to that point is sometimes a challenge. I can’t complain about the household division of labor because the hubby ends up cooking much more than I do. I love a man who knows his way around the kitchen.

While I don’t mind vacuuming or loading the dishwasher or tidying up, I absolutely detest folding and putting away laundry. I’d rather scrub the kitchen floor with a toothbrush.

There’s got to be a clinical name for that disorder. And don’t tell me it rhymes with “hazy.” I’ve already thought of two words that could qualify.

If you have any tips for laundry haters, let me know. Otherwise I may found the charter chapter of LAA (Laundry Avoiders Anonymous.)


  1. Nicole says:

    Oh my I am with you. I hate folding and putting laundry away. Usually when I muster up the strength to fold it sits on the coffee table for at least 3 days. Well at least its clean.

  2. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Hee hee – my worst is that I can sometimes keep things moving along for a few loads but invariably the last or small in-between session loads will sit wrinkling in the dryer until we’ve nearly pulled every item out on an as needed basis!


  3. Amy says:

    There is nothing good about it. It NEVER ends…I do make nice neat folded piles and lovely laid out shirts and the 2 older ones are then instructed to put it away. Sometimes I even put it in their rooms. My stuff? I put away. The husbands??? OH my!! he has separate piles of clean, folded, undershirts, underwear and socks on top of the dresser. NOT in the drawers… drives me nuts, but I refuse to put it away. It is just an unspoken thing. When he folds, he never puts my stuff away! HA!

  4. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Laundry is the one household chore I actually don’t mind. Maybe because I can throw in a load, then play on the computer for 35 minutes under the delusion that I’m “working.” I tend to do it in bulk, maybe six loads in a day. I fold it or hang it as it comes out of the dryer, put it into baskets for each individual, then tuck the baskets in their room. Of course, I’m not crazy–once the kids are old enough to do their own, I turn it over to them. 10 is not too young!

    Bluegrass Mama’s last blog post..Uber-recycling

  5. Kolleen says:

    My name is Kolleen and I belong in LAA. I HATE laundry. Any other household task I don’t mind, I don’t even mind putting the laundry into the washing machine. It is the taking out, folding and putting away that I detest.

    Kolleen’s last blog post..So Long Since I Last Posted

  6. DBN says:

    I don’t mind washing, drying, and folding, but man I hate putting away.

    (So, my solution was to hire someone to do this for me.)

    DBN’s last blog post..Clearing Out

  7. Beth_C says:

    The only thing I fold is the underwear. Everything else goes on a hanger. For some reason I find it less annoying and less time consuming to put it on a hanger.

    I also do at least one load of laundry a day. That way you would only have Laundry Hill or Bluff Laundry…no mountains to work through!

    Beth_C’s last blog post..One step forward, two steps back.

  8. Bridgett says:

    LAA for me, baby. I currently, right this minute, have SIX baskets unfolded. Three in the basement, one in the kitchen, two on the floor of my room. I think what gets me is that laundry happens all over the house–dirty clothes upstairs, carted down to the basement, brought up for ironing where appropriate to the first floor, then carted back upstairs for folding and put away. Too many locations to get it done efficiently. And if it weren’t for the laundry, I’d have a pretty decent house. Not a fan of dusting the walls or under the fridge or something like that, but I keep a decent house…

    Bridgett’s last blog post..Table and Chairs for the Kids of Belleville

  9. Blonde Mom says:

    I got through that pile! I think it was three or four loads’ worth. Any way I also did a load of my husband’s work pants/shirts while I was folding and putting away. I found the key to making it semi tolerable was to crank a cheesie old dance music mix CD I made years ago! My neighbors probably think I’m insane. We’re talking old Ricky Martin, Groove is in the Heart by Dee Lite….oh yeah I had a dance off laundry party. 😉

    I’m doing another load now.

    I do think doing one load a day or every other day helps. I just try not to do any laundry on Sundays as a general rule.

  10. erin says:

    I hate laundry. I can DO the laundry and FOLD it but I hate putting it away because it reminds me of just how little drawer space we have. So it usually gets put in piles on the bed in our guest room. Unemployed hubby has been making the bed and vacuuming so my “wifely” duties have been easier lately, though!

    erin’s last blog post..10 Movies that disappointed me.

  11. malia says:

    LAA (Laundry Avoiders Anonymous) – count me in as a charter member!!

    I guess you, Mari and I are kindred spirits because I’m the same way about the house. What I want the house to be like and what it actually ends up being are very different realities! We can commiserate together Friday night as we sipp wine while our feet soak in hot water…but don’t go peeking into my laundry room and closets looking for my banished clutter! 😉

    malia’s last blog post..All Creation

  12. Rachel says:

    LOL. Adorable as always. I love doing laundry, all except putting it away.
    I love a clean house, just don’t ask me to dust 🙂 or unload the dishwasher, other than that, we’re golden.

    Rachel’s last blog post..Granny

  13. Jennifer says:

    When did you sneak in my laundry room and take that picture:) I don’t mind doing laundry that much, it’s just the folding, hanging, and putting away that bothers me. I always intend to do laundry everyday and then that goes right out the window. I usually do several loads a few days a week and do the same with putting it away as my pile in my basket gets bigger and bigger.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Tip of the Week

  14. MandyMom says:

    Oh man, I am so that Enigma!

    I can keep up with the wash, but the washed cannot keep up with me. For some reason, it never stays folded and hung up.

    When I do manage to get it all put away, my dear, sweet children decide to pull it all down and out and put on a fashion show.


    MandyMom’s last blog post..New Stuff

  15. Braden James says:

    The only thing I keep coming up with (or that the voices keep telling me) is, “set it on fire.”

    But then there’s that whole, being naked in public thing. Hm.

    I am thinking of using the photo you inspired me to take the other day as my Wordless Wed post for tomorrow! Woot! ;-P

    Braden James’s last blog post..15 Months

  16. Eve says:

    Let me impart a bit of wisdom here. Clothes warmed up in the dryer each morning to relieve wrinkles gathered from sitting there too long are comforting. What can be better than putting on a nice, warm shirt and pants directly from the dryer – so soft, so loving.

    I don’t really get the opportunity to do that any more. I live with my daughter and share laundry facilities with her, her husband, and 4 children. Since my husband moved to the nursing home and left his side of the bed empty I do find it a convenient place to pile the laundry while it awaits a hanger or some folding. I usually have a nice, neat stack, because I detest wrinkles. Too many memories of the old iron and ironing board.

    Eve’s last blog post..Good Things

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