Rest in Peace Meredith

Lake Vogel, originally uploaded by blondemom.

The hubby and I have been following the news about missing hiker Meredith Emerson. We were just in the North Georgia mountains in May celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary, and I snapped this photo at the edge of Lake Vogel. It’s an area we love and one that holds special sentimental value for us.

I can’t imagine what her family is going through right now.

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  1. Kate says:

    I found your link on CNN and I too cannot imagine what this poor family is going through. It is enough to lose a child but to lose a child in such a horrific and untimely manner is just beyond any comprehension on my part. I hope the “thing” responsible for this is put to death and quickly.

  2. chris says:

    Poor Meredith, may God rest her soul. I believe there is nothing on this planet we can do to ease the grief of Merediths family……..I am from Australia and just cannot get my head around this brutal senseless tradgedy….a beautiful young girl robbed of her promising life by a low life piece of crap that does not deserve to live any more or even one small shred of mercy. May this Hilton animal rot in hell for eternity. RIP Meredith, you will be remembered…..
    Chris. Brisbane , Aust.

  3. brian hinton says:

    This guy needs to be executed asap. For the state to agree not to seek the death penalty amazes me. While I recognize the closure for the family, what is worse, finding her body and knowing she was horribly treated or knowing she was missing? This guy is the scum of the earth, the epitomy of the devil, or satan, or evil, or whatever you want to call it. He took them or told them where she was so how do you escape the conclusion he was not guilty?
    If I were the girls family I would not consider the plea acceptable and encourage the state to pass on their promise and send the guy down to South Georgia where he can be dealt with. I am confident that this is not a first occurrance. Follow the leads. This is evil personnified. The very reason for the death penalty. I am confident that even to prison inmates this is not acceptable and they will deal with his guilt…in their way!

  4. JRoubik says:

    RIP, M. Emerson
    Current mood: miserable

    I have been reading in the news about a young female college student hiker in Georgia who went missing with her dog. I was really, REALLY hoping against all odds that she would just be lost, but more news reports came out and its official that Meredith Emerson has been killed. Not only have I just shed tears because a young woman was taken down in the prime of her life, but I cry because the woods are a place of peace. I did not know this girl, but I assume that she was an “outdoorsy” type of girl like myself.

    I go to the woods with my dog to revive and escape from the city’s noise and crime. I go to the woods to let the dog sniff and kick and to echo and hum the bird calls that I hear. I go to the woods to revel in the beauty and wonder of nature. The feeling of the sun on my face… the sound of only the reeds in the breeze…
    I feel at ease with nothingness and pine needles and bugs. I feel one with the smell of wet soil and the sound of wind and rocks under my feet. My body and mind becomes overjoyed at the rippling of the stream, the jump of the salmon, the clack of the woodpecker.

    If Miss Meredith was an outdoorsy gal, then I know she felt all of those things, too. Nature people are like that…we’d rather see a bear than another human.
    Not only did this sick f@ck attack this girl where she probably felt the most peaceful, but he shattered the comfort of many a female hiker.

    Don’t get me wrong, her unfortunate death and the feelings of her family absolutely come first. My thoughts and meditations are with her family. I hope them as much comfort as possible at this troubling time. But as a female hiker and nature-girl I am so effin pissed off right now. Attacking someone in the woods is like breaking into someone’s house and attacking them in their sleep as far as I’m concerned. Its like attacking someone in their place of worship. Disgusting and cowardly.

    I hope they throw the book at this guy, and he never gets out of jail. The latest I’ve read indicates that he “may” be involved in a murder of a couple that was hiking under very similar circumstances. To attack someone when they are out in nature (just trying to recoup, just trying to soak up peace) is the worst of the worst.

    I hope all nature lovers heed the warning of her case. Meredith Emerson had extensive martial arts training AND she had her dog with her. I guess you can’t trust anyone nowadays. But I beg of other hikers please, PLEASE be careful at all parks and trails. It’s something we (as nature nerds) don’t want to think about, (since we go out to ESCAPE weirdos, crack heads and murderers) but it’s something we now have to be aware of. Bring pepper spray, a knife, whatever. Don’t talk to strangers…listen to your “inner voice” abut people.

    What the F@CK has our society come to?!?

    Here’s to Miss Meredith. I hope, wherever she is, that she has found the best trail with the craziest flora and fauna she could imagine. I wish her peace.

  5. Blonde Mom says:

    It’s really sad when we no longer feel safe in places that, traditionally, we’ve always felt were somewhat of a harbor from danger. Places like church and school or, in this case, a beautiful state park. BUT it’s a reminder that you just can’t be too cautious, especially if you are a young woman alone. I still believe that people are inherently good, but there are some real sickos in the world. I’m going to be following the news updates to see if he is connected to the murder of the couple in North Carolina last fall.

    There’s going to be a memorial service for Meredith on Friday:

  6. Ellen says:

    Sadly it seems there are stories like this all the time (looks like this man may have something to do with more than one of them) but for some reason this one touched me especially as well. Maybe because I’m from Georgia, maybe because she was with her black lab mutt and I walk with my black lab mutt, too.

    Praying for her family and friends. Kudos to law enforcement for what so far appears to be a quick, accurate, and respectful job with this case.

    Ellen’s last blog post..It’s the End of the World as We Know It

  7. Jamie (Blonde Mom) says:

    She reminds me a bit of a girl I work with who has a Lab. It really hit home because of the area (we love it there and have rented a cabin in Blairsville) and I could see myself out there as a young 24-year-old just hiking with her dog and enjoying nature.

    Yes, the case has been resolved really quickly. I hope they are able to have some closure with the North Carolina case.

    Jamie (Blonde Mom)’s last blog post..It Slices, It Dices, It Mesmerizes

  8. Jill says:

    Living in the Atlanta area, this is the lead story on the news each morning and evening. It is just so very, very heart-wrenching. Just too much to comprehend…and the story just grows and gets worse with each passing day.

    Jill’s last blog post..Our Anniversary Dinner

  9. Chris says:

    G’day folks, it would seem that this is more than your usual story of a poor unfortunate young lady who has met with a tragic,early demise. I have been keeping track of this story on a daily basis and still cannot come to terms with it. Absolutely and completely senseless!!
    I think JROUBIK,you have got it spot on. This horrible crime was done to a person when they were at leisure, enjoying the freedom that we all deserve. This young girl, who was obviously a friendly trusting soul,despite her abilities and the fact she had her dog with her, was at her most vulnerable;IE- at ease with her surroundings.
    The fact that this coward has chosen his victims this way ( and I believe there are more to come people) makes this all the more stomach turning. I am glad more people feel strongly enough about this tradgedy to put into words how they feel about it. Even over here in Australia it has seriously outraged people( we kinda like the great outdoors too, it’s nice over here) so thoughts and prayers for her family are coming from across the globe.
    Rest in Peace Merideth….. this bloke is gunna get what’s coming to him….no worries.
    …..but this has really pissed me off !!
    Chris.Brisbane, Australia.

  10. 4daughters says:

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of Meredith Emerson. Please find comfort in knowing that Meredith is hiking the most beautiful trails ever imagined at this very moment, in the arms of our most gracious Lord.

    This horrendous type of criminal behavior surrounds us. Isn

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