It Slices, It Dices, It Mesmerizes

During the bottomless pit of holiday downtime with its endless snacking, lack of routine, and overuse of the TV as a babysitter, Miss C became hooked on several “as seen on TV” products.

She insisted I buy the Betty Crocker cake decorating set so I could make her a flower cake for her birthday.

She ran to me one afternoon pleading, “Mommy come look, come look at this purse! Quick! Quick! You’re going to miss it! It holds everything and you can find anything!”

She begged for Moon Sand, with glitter no less. You could sell cardboard boxes to a 5-year-old girl if they came with glitter.

I blew all this off as a testament to the powerful allure of TV commercials.

Last night she was straightening up her room (she was prolonging bedtime but who am I to argue with her willingly cleaning her room) and I told her I might buy a bulletin board to display her photos and school certificates and other special papers.

“Mommy what’s a bulletin board?”

“Well, it’s a place to hang things like pictures and special school papers. We could hang one on the back of your door.”

“But how would you hang it? There’s no hanger there.”

“Well I’d get daddy to hang it up with a nail or something like that.”

She paused for a moment as her 5-year-old mind spun into overdrive. Her eyes grew wide as she had a revelation.

“Mommy! You need to get some Mighty Putty. It holds anything!”

That Billy Mays is one slick peddler.


  1. Emily says:

    Jackson’s asked for moon sand and wants me to get that Betty Crocker cake thing too…

    We have one small tub of moon sand my husband bought months ago and they’re lying when they say it’s no mess – it’s a lot like sand so it gets everywhere if you’re not careful. Playdoh is much cleaner.

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  2. Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants says:

    I swear your girls are plotting with my boys!

    Betty Crocker- 3 yr old “Mom, you need it!”

    Purse light organizer- 6 & 9 yr old SEPERATELY said, “Mom, you need that, your purse is a mess.”

    Moon Sand- I told them it probably has Chinese led in it.

    Mighty Putty- 6 yr old cried because his favorite lightsaber broke. Comes to me wailing. I explain duct tape just won’t work anymore. 9yr old says, “Don’t worry. We’ll order Mighty Putty. 6 tubes for the price of 2!”

    I gotta say, I’m gonna buy me some Mighty Putty. That stuff looks good! 🙂

    See? I’m a sucker too!

    Love ya Babe!

    Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants’s last blog post..Fussy Needs Your Homeschooling Opinions!

  3. Blonde Mom says:

    The scary thing is that as far as I know she’s seen the Mighty Putty commercial once and she brought it up again last night! She’s been brain washed. 😉

    We’re trying a new routine for school mornings. Usually I turn on Nick Jr. or PBS mainly for background noise while we get ready in the mornings but I’ve been playing music this week. Yesterday it was Jimmy Buffet, today it’s a toddler kids’ CD. That way we get home and watching Backyardigans or Dora or whatever is a real “treat.”

  4. Jamie (Blonde Mom) says:

    Thanks for warning me on the Moon Sand ya’ll.

    I am a Play Doh Nazi. I make the girls play with theirs in the front living room (hardwood floors!)

    Santa brought Miss A one of those Play Doh creativity centers and I LOVE it. You can toss everything inside of it and shut it away. LOVE LOVE toys that have built-in storage. Appeals to my inner anal retentiveness.

    Jamie’s last blog post..It Slices, It Dices, It Mesmerizes

  5. Pattie says:

    My kids have been on me about that Betty Crocker Bake and Fill thingy. So far, I’ve kept them at bay.

    They got me on the Moon Sand, though. It made such a mess, that I’m waiting for them to forget about it so it can make an early exit to the trashcan! *LOL*

    Pattie’s last blog post..Art: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

  6. Amy says:

    I have been thinking that I need that purse and I am always hearing about the wonders of moon sand. The pre- christmas rush was horrible, we had to have everything!

  7. Amy says:

    Cameron got Moon Sand from my sister in law. It is not too bad at the kitchen table. It is messy, but so is play doh. And this stuff doesn’t seem to dry out if it left open to be played with again after a nap! Play doh to me is yucky!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Everytime I see a Billy Mays commercial I think to myself “wow I should get that, so who can blame her for getting drawn in as well…lol! If you get it you’ll have to post if it actually works, I’m very curious. And I love that Play-doh activity center too. My girls especially my youngest is obsessed with play-doh, lets just say the dust buster is our bff.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Gotta Love Post Holiday Sales

  9. Elizabeth says:

    This is cracking me up because my 2 year old daughter goes nuts when she sees that Betty Crocker decorating kit commercial! She runs up to the TV yelling “Mama! Nummy, nummy!” Then she starts pointing to the cakes-“That’s Mama’s! That’s Ryan’s! That’s DaDa’s”. Apparently my lack of cake-baking skills is not going unnoticed around here 😉

    Moon Sand is evil. I bought a tub for Nathan, and just two days ago he and Kaitlyn got it out to play with. I found it smashed into every crevice of her dollhouse. You can’t wait for it to dry and then vacuum it up off the floor, either, because it doesn’t dry out!

    Elizabeth’s last blog post..Wordless Wednesday-Through the Eyesof a Child

  10. Amy says:

    That is TOO funny! Ethan does the same exact thing. He tells me the commercials word for word. They have an exceptional memory for all of that junk 🙂

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