Baby’s First Meme

Sarcastic Mom’s sweetie Braden tagged Miss A for her first meme!

I think he may be flirting with her. He is the Ron Burgundy of the three-feet and under set, I hear. Just watch it buddy. Mama’s got a fully loaded bubble sword and a dull Play Doh knife and I’m prepared to sit on the front porch and shoo boys away.

I may not get a mommy medal for keeping an updated baby book or fixing hair, but my baby’s gonna have a meme or I’M NOT A MOMMY BLOGGER (shakes laptop triumphantly in air.)

Miss A is supposed to reveal eight interesting facts about herself. Here goes:

I love to play on mommy’s laptop, especially the Max and Ruby games on Nick Jr.’s website. Mommy’s computer gets overheated a lot, though, and she tells me she has to turn it off.

I am the Evel Knieval of the family! I’m especially fond of swimming. I’ve got a hankering to go down the big kids slide at the YMCA indoor pool but they tell me I’m too little even though I flash them my cutest smile, which is a finely orchestrated move melding cuteness and sheer manipulation that mommy calls The Manipulatress. We may get it patented.

I used to stick my tongue out constantly when I was a baby. Mommy doesn’t know it, but I’m secretly running the preschool KISS fan club during naptime! Observe below one of my finer moments in tongue protrusion. Gene Simmons, eat your heart out.


I have a serious head of long, curly brown hair, despite the fact that when I was about 8 weeks old I went through a balding, baby acne phase (see above photo.) Today I am the Breck girl of the toddler set. Mommy says I need a hair agent. Maybe Lloyd’s of London would insure my hair?

I love Dora and Diego so much mommy says they are like crack to me, although I don’t really know what crack is…I think it must be something as wonderful as PopTarts, though!

When I was a baby I had a big ole dimple that would suck you into a vortex of cuteness. Seriously, be prepared to be sucked in.


I love to accessorize and I channel my inner princess on a daily basis. My big sister and I often have bling smackdown competitions. Miss C I know mommy bought you a pair of Barbie pink blinged out flip flops on clearance today (and ironically it is now snowing outside), but clearly I rule in the bling department. Bring it sister.


Napping is seriously overrated.



So there you have it. Eight wonderful facts about the fabulous Miss A!

If you want to play along with your own kiddo, just link back to this post.

In other bloggy business, Rachel at A Southern Fairytale (I knew I loved her when she used the word adelpated) has bestowed her lovely Royal Banana award to me!


She also called me witty, intelligent, and funny. I am feeling the love. Thank you Rachel!


  1. Braden James says:

    Miss A… did you know that I have many leatherbound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany? Ok, ok… I have many board books and my bedroom smells of diaper pail… but I am still irresistable. As are you… just look at that bling.

    Bestill my beating heart.

    Braden James’s last blog post..I

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