1. Amy says:

    My sister makes that stuff (probably not QUITE as good as real Belgian stuff but bet it’s pretty close) and it is SUPER easey to make. Put a bunch of candy canes in a baggie and run a rolling pin over them to crush them, melt white chocolate chips in a double boiler, mix together and pour in a 9 x 13 pan and let cool. Break into pieces. Yum!

    Here is a recipe from online. I don’t think she uses a recipe. Really you can pretty much eyball it and add more or less of the chocolate or candy canes to taste.

    Crushed candy canes, to yield 1 cup
    2 pounds white chocolate
    Peppermint flavorings, optional

    Place candy canes in a plastic bag and hammer into 1/4-inch chunks or smaller. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler. Combine candy cane chunks with chocolate (add peppermint flavoring at this point if desired.) Pour mixture onto a cookie sheet layered with parchment or waxed paper and place in the refrigerator for 45 minutes or until firm. Remove from cookie sheet and break into pieces (like peanut brittle.)

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  2. Meredith says:

    That good, huh?

    As a Nashville product, this might be something local/yummy to ship the relatives. Thanks for the rec!

  3. Meredith says:

    Scratch that. King Leo used to be local, but was apparently bought by a California company and all the old-fashioned equipment moved there.

  4. Amy says:

    The boys and I are fighting over the last of the homemade boiled custard!! My Grandmothers recipe…YUMMY!!! It will be sad when it is gone by tonight…

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