A Few of My Favorite Things

Little girls in new matching button down Tinker Bell pajamas.

The smell of fresh Play Doh.

Chocolate peppermint bark candy.

A quaint country church that looks like something from The Waltons.

A Christmas Eve answering machine message from Santa.

A Christmas afternoon walk and saying hello to all of our dog neighbors.

The sweet voice of a 2-year-old saying, “Merry Christmas Mommy. I wuv you.”

Listening to the Raffi Christmas cassette tape that belonged to my niece and nephew (now in college and high school.)

Laughing with family.

Babies wearing footed Christmas rompers.

New soy candles.

A visit from Panty Claus. (Mama needed some new underdrawers.)

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies from neighbors.

A room illuminated only by Christmas tree lights.

The sound of crunching candy canes.

Miss C hearing Santa flying over our house Christmas Eve night, even if it was just the central heat turning on.

Reading my childhood copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas to the girls.

Being off from work for most of this week.

Miss C telling me at bedtime, “This was the best Christmas ever!”

Getting to sleep in past 7 the day after Christmas because my children have a Santa hangover.

What are some of your favorite things from this Christmas?


  1. Anne says:

    Here here and cheers and Merry Christmas! I love lists like this and I love your favortite things(of course) too.

    Just because of recent events, I will have to say one of my favorite things is:
    getting all psyched up to dumpster-dive for a mistakenly thrown-out gift but discovering said gift in a random drawer just in a nick of time.

    Anne’s last blog post..Day After Christmas?

  2. Mari says:

    The sound of my husband’s laughter when he discovered that the Barbie dog, Tanner (?) poops when you lift its tail — not to mention that the dog came with a trash can AND a pooper scooper. Thanks, Auntie Susan for a wonderful gift.

    My daughter insisting that bedtime stories be done by the light of our Christmas tree

    Kahlua cake…so easy and so delicious

    My eight-year-old holding on to his belief in Santa for ONE more year, making this the first Christmas my daughter really believes, and likely the last for my son. It was magical…

    A hand-beaded gift for Mrs. Claus, placed next to the plate of cookies and carrots.

    Hot chocolate made over the stove

    Opening up new pajamas on Christmas Eve…

    Second you, Jamie, on the Christmas bark.

    Reading ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas with a child nestled into each side

    The strata baking as we opened stockings and Santa’s gifts

    The fact that, no matter the gifts, I know my husband will be happy on Christmas morning because the strata is something he looks forward to all year long.

    The knowledge that there is one gift for each child tucked into the closet for helping cure the holiday hangover…

    Watching my husband trying to escape the cackling aunt who loves to “squeeze his buns” during the Christmas hug

    My daughter trying to convince us that jelly beans make for an appropriate Christmas dinner.

    Being together, warm and well-fed, surrounded by people who love us.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love the list:)

    The sound of my daughter’s voice so excited telling us that Santa had come.

    My 5 year old telling me she had to sleep in our bed last night since I threw my back out so if I needed her she would be right there for me.

    My mom’s chocolate chip cookies…I eat so much I’m sure I’ll be gaining a few punds, but it’s so worth it:)

    All the Christmas specials on tv

    Spending time with family and friends

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Holidays Are Over

  4. Aunt Jill says:

    my list also includes:

    watching Garrett take over the Dora cash register given to his girl cousins from Mimi…should’ve asked for one himself!

    homemade biscuits and Patty Moore’s pepper jelly

    hearing Miss A say, “I love you, Garrett!” admidst the biggest cousin hug ever!

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