Jesus, Beer, and Fish Sticks

Because my girls are way more interesting than the Spears sisters.

Miss C to Miss A the other night…

“Santa and Jesus are the bosses of Christmas!”

Miss C to the hubby Sunday afternoon as he was kicked back in the recliner watching football:

“Daddy can I get you a beer?”

No Daddy doesn’t want one, but thank you.

“Daddy you need a beer…let me get one for you!”

Grocery cashier to the hubby as she was scanning a few items, including fish sticks and beer:

“Sir, I need to see your ID for those fish sticks.”

Me trying to coerce Miss A to sit still so I could wrangle her Dora tennis shoes on her feet:

Miss A come sit on this princess chair!

“I not princess!”

Ohhhh…are you a queen?

“I not queen. I king!”


  1. Piper of Love says:

    Jamie! You sweatheart! Thank you for checking out Bliss in Bloom, and commenting. It made my night…you are a fantastic blogger!

    Your girls are WAY more interesting than the Spears sisters, and when the day comes for you to write a parenting book, you won’t have to cancel it, you can just say ‘check out my awesome blog archives’

    Please don’t be a stranger now that I adore you! ~xo

    Piper of Love’s last blog post..Mad Love for Cre8Buzz!

  2. Amy says:

    They are much cuter than the Spears, too. I wish I remembered to write all the cute things my kiddos do/did. I always forget. Around our house, you get paid to bring the beer. So our kids are always very helpful. On football days DH friends can pay quite nicely sometimes. 🙂

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