Saturday Links (Save for a Snowy Day Edition)

This is the post that was deleted over the weekend due to technical glitches. I haven’t posted Saturday Links since October and I collect them as I find them so I’m about to post a veritable linkapalooza!

I am sure you are not still working through your Christmas list like me, but just in case, here are some ideas.

Belinda at Ninja Poodles (one of my all time favorite blog names) has a wonderful post chock full of gift ideas. Just a few Southernesque words to entice you: RCs and moon pies.

Debunot posted a great gift idea list, with a touch of monogramming and Tiffany’s.

I wrote an article about gift ideas for little princesses, minus the usual cast of characters, at DivineCaroline.

Make a snowflake! (Hat tip, Rocks in My Dryer.)

Get in the Car! has a Philanthropic Thursdays series where I read about the horrible accident that blogger Bossy’s 11-year-old daughter was involved in last week. Go send Bossy and her family your blessings and prayers. Her daughter was bitten on the face by a neighbor’s dog.

Jess at Oh, the Joys wrote about the Hands on New Orleans Amazon wish list for a school rebuilding its library after Hurricane Katrina. This is a great way to be charitable while you’re already online doing some last minute shopping, like I was yesterday. (Please God let the three things I ordered for the girls, including the much wished for Barbie Island Princess DVD, arrive this week!)

Sugar Cookie Pops recipe from Southern Living. (Hat tip, Manic Mommies.)

Jam thumbprint cookies from Loralee’s Looneytunes.

Mama’s dreaming of a candy cane martini Christmas.

Skip to My Lou has photos from a wonderful Santa breakfast she hosts for her son’s basketball team (check out the cute snowman powdered donuts.) The first photo looks like a modern day Norman Rockwell painting.

Check out the Kohl’s Cares for Kids charitable giving program. The hubby’s aunt gave Miss C and Miss A adorable Dr. Seuss theme stuffed toys last Christmas. Frankly, everyone needs a stuffed Sneetch.

I love this Mom is Santa video. (Hat tip, White Trash Mom.) Apparently Mrs. Claus still likes to get it on with Mr. Claus!

Working Moms Against guilt is having a guilt free giveaway week so be sure to visit them and enter to win fabulous prizes (waves hand in a Vanna-esque motion.)

And last, a sweet video about two little girls in Kentucky getting a special Christmas surprise. If your heart doesn’t melt while watching this, well then you need to work on thawing that sucker out.

Happy surfing!

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