Technical Troubles

My apologies to anyone who tried to log on last night and enter the giveaway for the PeaceLoveMom t-shirt.

The URL for my blog was redirecting to my husband’s old business website. He chatted with someone online last night at Bluehost, the company that hosts my blog, and also spoke with a real live tech over the phone. Bluehost attempted to fix it but it was still redirecting to the wrong site this morning (sorry all you late-night pervs who find my site by Googling mom boobs…the joke’s on you!) Thankfully I am married to Mr. Technology and he was able to fix it himself. I’ve been with Bluehost for two years and have never experienced anything like this.

I lost the huge link post I had uploaded yesterday morning and there were some charitable holiday giving ideas that I want to repost, not to mention the funny kinky Mrs. Claus video. Because we all know how important that was.

Since my site was down for a good 12 hours I’m going to leave the comments open until noon tomorrow for the t-shirt giveaway. Some of the later comments to that post were lost but I have them in my blog e-mail. I’ll post the winner’s name tomorrow night. Thanks!


  1. rachel says:

    I’m glad that Mr. Techy was able to fix it for you! Yikes.
    You have raised my interest with the Mrs. Claus video and the holiday giving ideas.
    Plus, I. want. that. shirt. 😉

    rachel’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  2. Blonde Mom says:


    The shirt is awesome…I wore mine three times last week!

    The kinky Mrs. Claus video is hilarious. Plus I had some yummy recipes to share. Dammit!


  3. momto4kidsny says:

    I can’t wait to see the video cause I am so wanting to know what its about! Waiting for the recipies! I am on a hunt and wonder: do you have the one I have been looking for all month and can’t find it anywhere not even on the trusty net? Oh I can only hope you do!!
    Can’t wait to see who won the t shirt(crossing fingers that i did…lol)

    momto4kidsny’s last blog post..The Wow Factor

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