PeaceLoveMom Giveaway (Just Add T-Shirt for Instant Hipness)

The winner of the PeaceLoveMom Grateful mom t-shirt giveaway is Andrea, who commented, “I like the Lucky Mom Rose Cozy Thermal. I am currently feeling lucky because by some small miracle I was able to land a Wii which is all my kids wanted for Christmas!! Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.”

Be sure to check back in January for my Go Baby giveaway. I also have giveaways planned in 2008 for Mabel’s Labels, Childish Clothing, and RoC.

I have a confession to make. We are a family of bad t-shirt hoarders. I have a drawer full of uncool charity walk and vacation t-shirts that for some reason I keep holding on to. Probably half of them should be tossed. Hubby’s t-shirt collection is also bordering on sad and my sweet father-in-law is well-known for his impressive collection of blood drive t-shirts spanning the decades. OK, only slightly exaggerating there.


If you need a serious t-shirt makeover, like me, look no further than PeaceLoveMom. They sent me this Grateful Mommy t-shirt and I must say it looks awesome with a pair of jeans and boots and will bring out your inner rock star, even if you’re chasing a child through the grocery. People will marvel, “My, she looks FABULOUS!” rather than focus on the fact that your child is about to topple a holiday store display and you are sweating bullets of Diet Coke out your forehead. Cindy Crawford recently told Oprah that these were her favorite tees, so you know they are super model fashionable.

Now, for the really fun part. PeaceLoveMom has offered readers of my blog a 10 percent discount good through December 31. Just use the code BLONDEMOMBLOG at checkout. And they’ve also offered a Grateful Mom t-shirt in the size the winner chooses, just like the one pictured, for a giveaway! (And no, that’s not me in the photo. I suffer from major white girl syndrome in December! And also? I own just one bra that makes me look at, um, perky.) Trust me, you’ll feel like an uber hip Dead Head mommy in this shirt, minus the illegal munchies.

For one entry, visit PeaceLoveMom and tell me which of their products you like best. For two entries, leave a comment on this post telling me which of their products you like best and link to my giveaway on your own blog. Comments will be open until noon Monday, December 17, and I’ll randomly draw a winner from all eligible entries. You don’t need a blog to enter, but you do need a valid e-mail address. Good luck!


  1. slouching mom says:

    Funny, my husband has an entire drawer of t-shirts from charity runs and blood drives. And he refuses to part with any of them. Even though some are hanging on by one thread.

  2. slouching mom says:

    OK, so your blog claimed it ate my first comment, so I wrote it again. You can delete either, thanks!

  3. Holly Schwendiman says:

    I know what you mean about hanging on to and collecting all kinds of T-Shirts or related shirts. It took me years to clear out a stash from my first job. I helped someone make a fun quilt once using the favorite T-Shirts and that’s probably a great way to hang to the memories and still get some use out of them. 😉


  4. Amy says:

    If you are at all a quilter, my grandma took old t-shirts and made the best, snuggliest quilt. It was fairly easy and a great way to use up the drawer fulls. Believe me, I come from a family of rat-packers and an aunt who used to be in charge of youth rec and outdoor rec at a military base so we had shirts out the ying-yang. Of course, it requires time and skill, both of which I run short on.

  5. Shelley says:

    I’m loving the black “Rock n’ Roll Mom” t-shirt. Makes me feel like a rebel mom! And I have a hard time letting go of t-shirts – I have a whole rubbermaid container full of them under our bed.

  6. Isabel says:

    So cute.

    I love the little Rock & Roll Baby Onesie. The green is such a great shade!

    Isabel’s last blog post..Another reason I?m glad I?m not still in high school

  7. Richie Ann says:

    I like the balanced mom ones but if I were to wear it right not it would be a total lie. Maybe there’s some irony intended? Cool site.

  8. Blonde Mom says:

    Thank you everyone for the entries. If for some reason SpamKarma is a total beotch and shuts you out, please let me know. I do check the “rejected” comments so as to make sure I’m not missing any entries.

  9. tammy b says:

    for me it’s the peace love mom thermal. love the hippy dippy flower child look! wish i had the look so i could pull off the rock & roll mom!

  10. Rachel says:

    Another fabulous giveaway by you! I love the brown lucky mom shirt and the brown grateful mom shirt. What a fab giveaway! You always have awesome stuff! I adore you!!

    Rachel’s last blog post..Weekly Winners

  11. Andrea says:

    I like the Lucky Mom Rose Cozy Thermal. I am currently feeling lucky because by some small miracle I was able to land a Wii which is all my kids wanted for Christmas!! Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks.

  12. momto4kidsny says:

    Miss Rachel Sent be over here!
    You know this awesome that today off all days that Rachel sends me over here! Why? Cause today is my birthday! If I was to win this t shirt I would have to show it off to friends and family. They would ask where I got it from and I would have to tell them how I won by visiting Rachel who sent me to Blonde Mom for a contest who got it from PeaceLoveMom. That would sure spark up some sales there!

    momto4kidsny’s last blog post..Pepsi this is for you!

  13. Ellen says:

    The baby shirts are cute but he has enough clothes so I’ll have to vote for something for me as my fave… I like the red Eat Play Be Merry thermal the best!

    And I’ve linked to you on my blog, too. Even though my company is being ridiculous and trying to block me. Lucky me working from home, I can use my other ‘puter.

    BTW, size 12 is an XL? Raise your hand if you wear a size 12 and consider yourself to be an extra large person. That’s what I thought.

    Ellen’s last blog post..Mommy Blogging

  14. SleepDeprivedYetHappy says:

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Lucky Mom Chocolate soft tee. Several friends have them and they automatically look cooler as soon as they put them on. I need to look cool… I drive a minivan. We can’t even see coolsville from our house.

  15. jess says:

    hey there! i got here from another blog linking to you…and your blog is totally going to go on my blogroll. i’ve enjoyed what i’ve read so far and i’ll be back for more.

    i love the rock n roll mom black t-shirt. i think my kids would like it on me, too.

    jess’s last blog post..CSI takes a plunge?

  16. Filtering Life says:

    Oooohhhh t-shirt love! I love the red: Eat, Play, Be Merry! Super cute and the color is fab!

  17. Jennifer says:

    Your blog makes me feel normal, finally! I love it and will continue to read, as it helps me have sanity…:) These t-shirts are the greatest and my husband loves them too. Would love to have the Rock-n-Roll Mom shirt,as that is me. Thank you for your writing.

  18. Blonde Mom says:


    Yes! Absolutely. I am SO sorry. My blog was down overnight for more than 12 hours. Our host company,, reset my server but I lost updates from Saturday, including posts, however I have all the comments that were “lost” in my e-mail here.

    Hope that makes sense. But you and the other “lost comments” from Saturday are still in the drawing…


  19. Amy says:

    I like the balanced mom one, but for me it should probablye be “un” balanced!! I also like the peace love one. Glad you are back up and running. I was looking to read you linky love yesterday because I saw it Saturday and didn’t get to check out links…but all I found was Big A’s site!! wild! I thought you were doing a bit of advertising for him!

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