All I Wanted For Christmas Was Two Healthy Breasts

…and I got ’em!

I went to my surgeon’s office today for a followup to my recent lumpectomy and I have no cancer, just good ole rubbery, normal, boring, common bumpy fibrocystic tissue!

I was about 95 percent sure I was fine, but that annoying doubtful worrisome 5 percent was making me nuts.

I’ll go back in June for a six-month followup and mammogram, but I believe my days of complicated mammogram films and general angst over my boobs is over. This started a year ago when I first felt that new pea-size lump.

My mother-in-law starts radiation next week so please continue to send positive thoughts and prayers her way.

Thanks ya’ll. No more booby talk from me. We’re still potty training Miss A and she’s on a strike right now, though, so the poop talk will continue…only the best on my blog.

Also the nurse practitioner told me it looked like I had no volume loss and we know what that means. Wonderbras would be a bonus, but not a necessity, in my Christmas stocking. I’m so glad I have good booby genes.


  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks ya’ll!

    They took out a large sample (44 grams and 6x4x3.5 cm) so they were very thorough! I shouldn’t have any more “boob trouble” as they have been practically turned inside out.

    Just doing a little nighttime leisurely reading here of my pathology report. 😉

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  3. mo says:

    Hurray! I also have been sweating out the boob situation– Mammogram was 2 weeks ago and have had cysts removed in the past— When the rad. tech came back for extra shots I started to sweat. Then no word and no one bothered to read them for 14 days! Then I was in full scale panic– Of course thinking the worst– – So good news prevails today! Now you can fully focus on blessings and christmas! Wishing you continued health and happiness. Love your blog!

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