I Hate it When That Happens

Don’t you hate it when you buy snacks and juice boxes specifically for school and then your child has a friend over to play and they find them and wipe out a third of them in one sitting?

Also, the high-pitched screaming of little girls around 4 p.m. yesterday that rendered dogs deaf as far away as Bowling Green, Kentucky, was coming from my house.


  1. Rachel says:

    Yes! Oh my gosh YES!
    I love when my friend comes to visit, but her two kids are like a swarm of locusts. What would last us a week or two with my kids… POOF… gone in two days. Kills me.

    And their ear piercing, glass shattering squeals. Please, dogs in Tennessee are howling from them down here in South Texas.

  2. Renee says:

    Yes, I do hate it. I bought juice bags for our household and Anna’s friends (15 girls) were at my house for all of one hour before we left to go to the movies Sat. night. They drank all but 2 (of about 20)!

  3. Syd Cole says:

    That happens to other moms, too!? Did your small company also turn your kids’ rooms upside down and complain about your crying baby? 🙂

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    I’m so cheap I hate to see them suck down those juice boxes in 5 seconds! Ugh! And they have to have juice “boxes” for kindergarten. Otherwise the snack Nazi will be down mama’s throat. 😉

  5. Hallie says:

    Cute blog! My kid are much older, 14 & 18, but their friends used to eat us out of house and home. Enjoy it while you can – my 18 year old enlisted in the Air Force 4 months ago – I’d kill for him and hs friends to drink our juice boxes again! (ok, it would be soda sine its been years since they drank out of juice boxes but you get the point!)


  6. Erin says:

    while I sympathize, I can’t relate. But your story reminds me of this case I saw on “People’s Court” yesterday, where the nanny was being sued for among other things, stealing fruit cocktails and juice boxes.

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