Chugga Chugga

Saturday night the hubby and I were engaged in some nocturnal activities and we decided to go in our front living room, which is a safe distance from the girls’ bedrooms as well as the den, which is favorited by the dogs, who tend to fling themselves at our feet or on to our laps for haunch scratching if he and I so much as glance at each other past 9 p.m.

I got up from the loveseat to turn off our Christmas tree lights and my foot kicked a small plastic object on wheels.

Suddenly a circus tune started merrily blasting away from a toy train as if we were under the Big Top. Let’s just say the timing was really off.

Foreplay is pretty much doomed if the only toys in the vicinity are from Fisher Price.

p.s. Did someone misplace their order for an extra helping of Monday? We have no hot water and both Miss A and the hubby are under the weather. This is the third Monday in a row I have requested to work from home. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to attempt to go into the office at all, but then I do like to dabble in occasional adult conversation.


  1. Richie Ann says:

    I’ve wanted to discuss the sex with kids subject for awhile but my boss reads my blog and that’s just…ew. Yeah, long gone are the spontaneous liasons. We cross our fingers every weekend that the both kids will take a nap at the same time, the in-laws won’t pop in, and we’ve learned to be really fast!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Well my mother and other family members occasionally read my blog, but I’ve been married for 10 years and I’m 38 years old so…you know. It’s not like I’m 16. 😉

  3. Rachel says:

    Poor Poor Momma!
    But thanks for the snorts and giggles.
    I can so completely sympathize and relate!!!
    Hope you get hot water and healthy family soon!

  4. Blonde Mom says:

    I will probably jinx myself, but the day is slowly getting better. The plumber came and went and $65 and a new hot water heater “nipple” later (who knew) we now have hot water and none of us will be showering at the YMCA.

    Miss A is zonked out on the couch. I think she just needed a day to recover from the holiday weekend!

  5. Liz says:

    It must be in the air – not to mention, the hubs and I are sooooo feeling you guys, right now – the last few Mondays have been stinky here, too. Hope it gets better, though.

  6. Lisa says:

    Too funny! Next time pretend the Christmas lights are mood lights, huh? I hear you about the animals too. I swear our cat loves to “watch”….kind of weird & gross, but I had to get past it years ago, and now I hardly notice.
    Good luck getting a few more nocturnal activities in!

  7. Holly Schwendiman says:

    ROFL – well, then there’s that. Always something to ruin the mood eh? I think Bill Cosby said it best that “if you’d been around when you weren’t around, you might not be around!!” LOL


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