Thanksgiving Week Kodak Printer Giveaway

Edited to add: I e-mailed my contact at the PR firm coordinating this giveaway and the shipping. They WILL ship the printer to Canadian residents.

As promised in this flashback post of polyester fabulousness, I am having a giveaway for a Kodak Easyshare 5300 printer sent to me recently by a PR firm to review. I wouldn’t be surprised at all to find that it slices, dices, and will even cure your New Year’s Day hangover.

I’ve been very pleased with this printer, which is an all-in-one product that scans, copies, and prints. Honestly it’s been like an early Christmas present for me and I’ve been using it to scan old family Polaroids. It’s been taking me less than 5 minutes per photo to scan and touch them up and even crop them using the Kodak software. The printer was easy to install and the hubby, who set it up for me, was impressed that the 5300 actually came with a USB cable. He’s never seen that with any printer he’s purchased, and trust me, he has purchased lots of printers for clients. Now if you want to get super fancy with cropping and photo retouch, you’ll need to save your photo after scanning it and then use your own software as the Kodak software has basic options. Personally, that’s fine by me. I’m not a Photoshop girl (and I don’t even have Photoshop on my computer.)

I recently ordered online digital prints from Target and the quality of the photos I printed at home on the 5300 matches the quality. You can also stick your digital camera memory card directly into the 5300 without uploading them first to your computer. For someone who takes a bazillion photos, like me, this is like having a digital print kiosk in your own home. The Kodak 5300 also offers inexpensive replacement ink cartridges. The color ink cartridges sell for $14.99; the black and white cartridges sell for $9.99.

To be entered into the drawing for an Kodak Easyshare 5300 all-in-one printer, just leave a comment telling me what you would use the printer for, should you win. For two entries in the giveaway, leave a comment telling me what you would use the printer for AND link to this giveaway post on your own blog. You just need a valid e-mail address to enter (no blog required for one entry) and be a resident of the United States or Canada. I’ll draw a winner from the comments, which will be open until midnight CST on Saturday.

For another chance to win this fabulous printer, Kodak is featuring a Pricey Ink Stinks contest at Brickfish through Friday.


  1. DBN says:

    What wouldn’t I use this printer for?!?!

    Seriously, that would be awesome. Every major holiday or gathering we take tons of pictures of our kids with family members or other children. It would be really nice to give them a parting “gift” of the pictures that I took. Then I wouldn’t have to remember it later or try to email to someone who is not capable of opening attachments ;). I could also keep some of those plastic frames on hand and really give people a nicer departing gift.

  2. Rachel says:

    This is such a great giveaway!
    Right now after every birthday party and every school field trip, I rush to our Grocery Store and print pics for all the parents who couldn’t come and so that they can share in the adorable memories, too. This would be wildly more convenient.
    I would use this to make unique and memorable picture gifts to send to our family around the country, some of whom have never met the monkey.
    I could print pictures at my ease and discretion to update their scrapbooks.
    Really? I could go on and on and on. What couldn’t I use this for!
    Absolutely awesome give away!

  3. Dina says:

    I would gladly use this printer for all the zillions of pics I take and mail to my in-laws. My little boy just loves “posing” and it’s getting to be an expensive habit!

    Plus, we are finally expecting another baby in the Spring (yay, Luke!) and I’m sure he will be a ham, too.

  4. Mama Luxe says:

    I would give this printer to my mother so she could print photos of my baby for my grandmother and grandfather, one of whom does not have a computer for looking at the latest pictures and the other doesn’t have a credit card for ordering pictures off the Internet (they are both over 90).

  5. Jami says:

    I would LOVE this printer. We are currently trying to divide BOXES of old family photos between all of the siblings in our families and it is difficult. It would be great to be able to scan and print several copies so everyone can have one. I currently only have a black and white printer and NO scanner. I would LOVE to be able to print my own pictures and not spen a fortune having the printed. Thanks for the great contest and the wonderful blog. You always make me laugh!

  6. Robin M. says:

    Oh, this would be so nice!! I would start out with trying to do family photo Christmas cards – and maybe calendars. Thank you!!!

  7. Busy Mom says:

    I would use it so I could drink a couple more Cosmopolitans without fear of the next day, of course.

  8. Your best friend says:

    Oh! To Scan all the old family photos so that my brother and his children and my boys could have copies of their families. Great grandparents baby pictures and such, from WAY back! I have inherited quite a few that my brother and I both want copies of!! Then the possibilities are endless after that! Cool printer!

  9. Richie says:

    I’d use it to scan old family photos for my hubby and his mom who are trying in vain to create a family album for all his many brothers.

  10. Renee says:

    Well, of course, I’ll link to this post, Jamie. Anything for a chance to win something FREE. I love FREE.
    Let’s see, our printer is bro-ken and has been so for quite some time, so I could use this new one just to print well, anything. Usually what we print are reports, birthday invites, etc. for my 2 expensive girls. Also, Mark likes to print farm info and horse pictures for his business. I also love to print posts by my lovely co-blogger Jamie. Have I mentioned what a wonderful person she is?!
    Hey, you didn’t say we couldn’t kiss up.

  11. kailani says:

    I think I would use it to make Christmas photo books for all the far away relatives. They’d be so surprised at how big the girls have gotten.

    I’ll also link to you from An Island Review.

    Thank you!

  12. Heather says:

    I’m linking this to my blog for two entries!

    I have a box FULL of my in-laws wedding that they never put into an album. I’ve had this box of pics for 3 years at least, and my plan has always been to go through it and make copies of the best wedding pics and assemble 7 albums – 1 for my DH’s parents, 1 for us, and the remaining 5 would each go to a sibling of his.

    That’s what I would do. Uhhh, do you think you could award me some time to go with the printer to get this project done?

  13. Greta Adams says:

    I would use the printer for printing out photos myself at home instead of uploading them to wal-mart…with cheap ink prices like that i could afford too! Thanks for a chance to win it

  14. Holly Schwendiman says:

    Ironic timing as I was just looking at some of these types of printers two days ago with my husband. I liked that the samples/demos they had were smudgeproof and didn’t react the same way that my previous photo printing prints did. I’m think we’re in the market for a stand alone photo printer now.


  15. kara in kansas says:

    This would be such a cool update to my current photo printer, which is archaic to begin w/ and is now on its last leg!!


  16. Lisa says:

    I would start printing the umpteen billion pictures I’ve taken & NOT printed on that printer. That thing would be humming for hours on end. Pick me, pick me!!! I’ll drink a margarita for you if you do 🙂

  17. Jenna says:

    What a great give away. That is very generous of you. I would use this printer for a multitude of things. I would mainly use it to print pictures for scrapbooking and to send to family/friends. I would also use it for various crafty projects and for my new tutoring business. I am a teacher on childcare leave and I am opening a tutoring business in order to full-fill my passion of teaching and bring in a little extra money since we are not making it on one income (my hubby is also a teacher). I am sure the printer would come in handy for that as well. Thank you so much for doing this. If I may ask, what inspired you to give away this printer? I will try to post your link to my new blog site.

  18. Emily says:

    I would use this printer to print out FABULOUS photos.

    Mostly of my boys. Maybe I would actually reduce my ridiculous Snapfish backlog going back SEVERAL months.

  19. nap warden says:

    First off, great give away! My scanner, printer, copier is on it’s last legs…Would love to have a new one! What would I do with it? Hmmmmm, print, scan, and copy!

  20. Lindsay says:

    You had me at “You can also stick your digital camera memory card directly into the 5300 without uploading them first to your computer.” That’s what I would do with this printer. Although truthfully, I don’t deserve it. I get an obscene amount of free stuff already. :/

  21. mamatulip says:

    Okay Jamie, here’s my sob story.

    You know we moved recently, and our move was a horror show. The movers were pissed that we had “so much stuff” and they were really rough with a lot of our boxes and furniture — don’t even get me started on what was broken or damaged during the move. A lot of our boxes got put in the basement when the trucks were unloaded and the box with our printer in it was taken down there. A few days later, while Dave and I were trying to sort through our stuff, we realized that the printer box was leaking black ink…all over the floor. Opened up the box and realized the printer was toast.

    So we don’t have a printer. Christmas is coming and I had wanted to print pictures of the kids here at home to frame for grandparents, but I can’t.

    Three guesses what I’d do with the 5300!

  22. chrisboo says:

    This printer would allow me to print wonderful pictures of my Grandkids. This would be a learning experience as I have not worked with a digital camera and printer. I have a fairly good camera, but not the printer. Thanks for this wonderful contest!

  23. kittenpie says:

    Wow! What a great thing, to give away something so wonderful. Good for you! I knew if Mama T liked you, you had to be good. I am so in.

  24. brandy w says:

    i would use this for everything. i have two kids and one more due in about a week. so lots of picture printing. making cards etc. my husband is in school so he has to print out a lot of stuff for college work. dell ink is outrageous in price so the cost effectiveness of having this printer would be helpful

  25. Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants says:

    Where to begin? Overworked and underpaid pregnant homeschooloing mom of four boys…..Nah, I’ve used that one.

    How about this one- ~enter dramatic music~ Hubby loses job. Wife tries to start a photo jewelry business so the bank won’t take the house. Wife dreams of a fancy printer to make the treasured photos of her clients look snazzy before setting them in her ~enter the violins~ lovingly handcrafted Custom Photo Jewelry.


    Dang, I just depressed MYSELF!

  26. Chag says:

    We just bought a new digital camera so we could really use a printer to go with it.

  27. mary says:

    I don’t have a printer. I take way too many pictures. I would LOVE to be able to print them out on the spot instead of waiting for shutterfly to deliver, or have to run to costco.

    I would also love to scan in all of our old pictures.

  28. Liz says:

    This sure IS one heck of a big fat giveaway – if I were to win, I would give my printer to Busy Mom…she sounds like she needs it, more than I do…no, wait – perhaps it would help teach me to be a little selfish, for once ;o)

  29. Liza's Eyeview says:

    I would print more photos of kids to send to my mother-in-law and my mom. They both love getting photos of kids and both don’t operate on e-mail yet. They would be so thankful if I win this one! 🙂

  30. Cristen says:

    I am making a memory box quilt for my baby son who died 3 years ago. He was born 3 months premature and lived for an amazing 9 hours. It was amazing because he was only 13 oz and had to really fight to live and also it was amazing to me, holding him, being with him.

    I need to scan the original photos the nurses took of him lying on my chest in his last few hours in the NICU, hubby curled up on the hospital bed by my side. I’d like to print them to fabric sheets (they make them for printers) and use them as squares of the quilt. I plan to cross-stitch some sections of the quilt and put his little clay footprints on there too somehow. I will use part of his sister’s baptismal gown and part of my wedding dress fabric for other squares, and embellish them with blocks and
    some stitching.

    I also have an almost-two year old who is extremely photogenic and charming and I just love taking photos of her. I’ve taken an average of 10 photos a day since she was born 21 months ago. I’ve never printed a single photo of her (oops, gotta run, I’m going to back up my hard drive now …)

  31. Mrs. Flinger says:

    I still have time! WOOOOT! (dang kid and his teething…) anywho, obviously, I’d use it to print out massive amounts of picture of my kids. And probably send you a few. 😉 :: cough :: Does sucking up count?

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