Let’s Not Sugarcoat Things

pbbbbbbbbbbt-pilgrim.jpgMiss A was in a foul mood this morning when I dropped her off at “school.” Miss C had her Thanksgiving extravaganza at kindergarten and there was much pride and ooohing and aaaahing and laughter in the cafeteria because is there anything cuter than a bunch of 5-year-olds dressed up like turkeys, pilgrims, and Indians doing the Native American hand jive while their parents photograph, videotape, and otherwise document the moment for posterity?

I knew Miss A wanted to continue the festivities, but mama and daddy had to go to work and this mama actually ended up taking Miss C to the office with her for a few hours because the never ending cough from hell will not relinquish her from its phlegmy grip. Forty dollars in co-pays later, we have a negative diagnosis for strep and still no antibiotics. Somehow I feel ripped off when that happens, like perhaps we should get a refund for not being quite sick enough to require drugs.

But I digress. This evening when I asked Miss A’s daycare teacher how she was today she replied that she was in a bad mood and generally said “no” all day long.

We get a report card of sorts at pick up time and a circle was drawn around “fussy” for mood. I was thinking they really need to add “full of piss and vinegar” and “acted like a total little shit” categories, but then I suppose that wouldn’t pass state regulations.


  1. Rachel says:

    J~ I love coming over to your page. You always make me laugh and I can usually relate to what you’re writing about. You crack me up!
    Piss and Vinegar, that would always be on Princess’ card! LOL!
    Tagged you, come see.

  2. DBN says:

    We have Thanksgiving day tomorrow, yikes. Tonight was Fundraiser night at the local fast food place. 2500 kids in one small room, yay! Ok… maybe not 2500, but still, A LOT.

  3. Richie says:

    It’s a good thing parents don’t get a report card at the end of the day because mine would say something like “acted like a total jackass, didn’t clean house, and generally lazy today.”

  4. Richie says:

    Oh, and by the way, thanks so much for helping to cover for me on my maternity leave! I’m back now but we still want you to post. To all the BlondeMom fans make sure to check out her posts on gjsentinel.com. She’s awesome and always entertaining. We’ll be sending you a special thank you present soon!

  5. Anne says:

    “the cough” has been making its rounds here for a month now. All three of my kids have had it, and Lily is still working her way through it. Piper got a secondary ear infection because of it. so YAY!

    I love the Thanksgiving hoohah with the kids. LOVE IT!

  6. kailani says:

    Poor thing! I know how she feels because it’s been a month since I’ve been trying to get rid of my cough. Hope she’s feeling better soon!

  7. angel Cope says:


    I totally agree with the whole thing about my kid not being quite sick enough to give her antibiotics. I have come to the point where she must be running fever, and every homeopathic, OTC drug has not worked before I will take mine. Only because I truly am ticked off when I hear, it is viral, or just a cold and nothing we can do. Or suggesting we run the humidifier (Like my numb brain has not thought of that already!) HA HA!

    My 2 year old has had the “piss and vinegar” attitude lately, as well. I love it! That is what I am going to tell my teacher next time I take her in in a bad mood. “Please forgive her today she is full of Piss and vinegar!” HA HA!

    Always love visiting!

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