When Life Hands You Lemons, Trade Them for Limes and a Good Tequila

Updated to add: My mother-in-law says thanks to all of you for the prayers and positive thoughts!

My husband is on his way up now to see his mom. He has talked to her and his brother and things sound good. The surgeon said the tumor was no bigger than he thought and that the two lymph nodes they checked look good. My uncle came through his surgery fine, but his tumor was cancerous. Thank you for all the prayers and positive vibes. Keep ’em coming if you’re so inclined!

Lately we have had more than the usual run-of-the-mill losing one’s keys, staying up all night with a sick kid, trying to identify the odd aroma coming from one of the dogs, running a small business stress at Casa Blonde Mom Blog.

My mother-in-law was diagnosed last Monday with breast cancer. This was a shock to all of us. It was discovered during a routine mammogram (ladies go forth and book your booby smashin’ now if you’re due!) She hasn’t had any symptoms and there is no history of breast cancer in her family. She did not feel any kind of lump during her self breast exams and neither did the doctors, but the suspicious area that showed up on her mammogram film was biopsied and the results came back as malignant. She is having surgery tomorrow to remove the tumor and will have six weeks of radiation. She reads my blog and I know she would appreciate your encouragement and kind words in the comments, as well as your prayers and positive thoughts.

And while the hotline to God is open, my uncle (my mother’s baby brother) is having surgery today to have a tumor removed from his kidney.

And also? My brother’s German Shepherd does have cancer.

What is that saying? When it rains, it pours.


  1. Rachel says:

    Oh my word honey!
    Prayers out for your MIL and for the German Shepherd.. poor thing. We had a dog with cancer… it’s a sad, sad thing.
    You really have had a time of it.
    I’d send you some limes from my tree to go with that tequila… but I don’t know how well they’d travel. So tell ya what… I’ll have a margarita this weekend and think of you and your family and send a wish, a prayer and some bloggy love while I do it.

  2. Bridgett says:

    This seems more than just a string of bad luck. I’m sorry this is all hitting–at all, much less at once. Oy.

    I do a daily breast exam instead of a monthly. It’s a breast/lymph massage, the idea being that the more in tune you are to breast tissue at any time of your cycle, the more likely you are to notice subtle changes. And I breastfed those kids until they were wrestling me to the ground for it…and still, I’m in the same boat of abject terror….my mother’s breast tumor (although eventually shown to be benign) was found when it was smaller than a few grains of sand. Can’t feel that on a daily, or hourly, breast exam…

    Post-menopausal – good prognosis?

    Enough rambling. Prayers for you and all of yours.

  3. Bluegrass Mama says:

    Prayers going out for all these situations! I’m due for a mammogram and checkup, but I’d just switched doctors last year and now she’s left town and the replacement decided not to come after all. ~>:

  4. Amy says:

    Oh Jamie – so sorry about all that! I will keep your mother-in-law in my prayers. It’s good that they found it. Keep us posted about how she’s doing.

    And prayers also for your uncle.

    And for the doggie!

  5. Liz says:

    You and your loved ones are in my thoughts and prayers – hang in there, you guys – speedy recoveries to all!

  6. Sarah says:

    Good wishes to both members of your family. It really goes to show you that you NEED to get routine checkups to catch stuff before it gets really bad.

  7. Lisa says:

    So, so sorry. Cancer SUCKS! Stay strong though, and keep us updated! I will add your MIL to my prayers…she WILL beat it!

  8. Nicole says:

    I always tell God how great you are, but I will add a special request for the family on in light of this news. Me and God, we’re tight. 😉

    hang in there!

  9. sweatpantsmom says:

    Jamie, so sorry to hear all that you’re going through. My thoughts and prayers are with your whole family. I’ll be thinking of you. Please keep us posted on everyone’s prognosis.

  10. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks everyone for the nice comments. Her surgery is today and I know she has appreciated them!!!

  11. Charla says:

    All are most certainly in my prayers! I’m so sorry for the tough time your family is going through!

  12. mamatulip says:

    You guys are all in my thoughts! Hang in there, honey, and I’m sorry I’m so late in commenting on this.

  13. Patricia Jenkins says:

    Someone quite close to me was diagnosed with breast cancer nearly 12 years ago. She is still going strong with absolutely no re-occurrence. My friend went into an experimental treatment at UCSF. Totally worked.If necessary, check into it. It is a terrible process, but it works.

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