Angels Watchin’ Over Me

Monday night was one of those scary Auntie Em type evenings where I monitored the local weather on TV and kept an eye out the window. A strong cold front was pushing through and all sorts of possible tornadic activity was being monitored by our local news stations.

I’ll have to admit I freak out a little over tornado warnings. I was working at Vanderbilt University in the downtown Nashville area when a tornado hit in April 1998.

I cranked the volume on our TV (because the girls were in their usual 5 p.m. let’s jump around like monkeys and shriek like banshees stage.)

A weather forecaster was giving play by play on the storm’s progression, and thankfully we were just on the fringe of the truly bad weather.

Miss C saw the weather map on TV and heard the voice over of the weather forecaster guiding the TV audience through stormdom.

“Mommy that’s an angel talking!”

What baby?

“Hear that? That’s an angel!”

I looked at her and was admittedly a little puzzled, so I asked her why that was so.

“Well sometimes angels come down here and they are people and we can see them and then they turn back into angels and we can’t see them.”

And then they go back up to heaven?


I rather like Miss C’s view on angels.

Years ago, when I was just out of college and renting a little duplex with a roommate, I had a very vivid dream about my guardian angel. She was in my room, sitting in a chair (probably wondering when I was going to finally get up for the day.) I woke up because I could feel the wind from her wings on my face, as she hovered above me. I woke up. It was all so real that I had goosebumps.

In my mind, angels are invisible. But I like Miss C’s opinion that they are down on Earth, mingling with us normal folk. Sometimes I think angels are spirits of loved ones who have died.

What do you think?

p.s. Stop by the Colorado Grand Junction Sentinel Haute Mamas blog where I am guest posting today for reader Richie who is on maternity leave. I have a true mom confession–my kids have a more active social life than I do!


  1. Liza's Eyeview says:

    out of the mouth of babes … I think both Miss C and you are right, sometimes they are invisible, and sometimes they mingle here on earth in other forms. The guardian angel in your room when you were in college? I have a feeling your mom requested for that 😉

  2. nap warden says:

    I totally believe in angels…I’m not sure about the form they take. I have a best friend who died in an accident when I was fourteen, I have always thought she was looking out for me in some way:)

  3. Qtpies7 says:

    I know they mingle on earth. The Bible says that you could entertain angels unaware.
    I think most of us have met someone who is an angel we just didn’t know was really an angel!

  4. Rachel says:

    I absolutely positively love her view on Angels! I think I’ll just adopt that view for myself.
    How’s the hair??
    Have a blessed weekend!
    ~ Rachel

  5. Alexandra says:

    Embrace what your children have to say. My kids (ages 3 and 5) talk about angels too. Their brother, named Spirit, died a few years ago and they talk to us about seeing him/talking to him. His death changed our family’s lives but the grief has been replaced with such amazing love and devotion to helping others. I like that the kids talk about angels. In fact, we started a company called Angel Quest – The Random Acts of Kindness Cards in honor of Spirit.

    Anyone can be an angel… That’s the greatest gift I have learned from my children.

    Issaquah, WA

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