Goodwill Hunting

For those of you sitting on the edge of your seats, anxiously wondering if Mommy MacGyver Halloween Costume Challenge 2007 sent me over the brink of holiday activity sanity, the answer is no! I persevered and found the perfect snowflake princess dress, I actually dusted off my sewing basket, and Miss C was transformed into the prettiest snowflake princess this side of the Mason/Dixon line. Yes, hell is now an icy tundra.

Victory is mine shouteth the mommy! Mayberry Mom if you find that Merit Badge in Grumpy, can you also put in an order for a Merit Badge in Last Minute Halloween Costume Design?

I had promised Miss C she could ditch her Little Mermaid get up from the weekend’s activities for a snowflake princess costume (which she decided she must have on Halloween Eve Eve) only and ONLY if I could pull it together without spending a lot of money.

I spent less than $8 at the Dollar Tree on snowflake theme accessories: ornaments, icicles, magic wand (which I turned into a snowflake wand), tinsel, and tights.

I hit the creativity motherload at the second Goodwill I went to after work yesterday as I flipped through the children’s racks like a woman possessed. And then I saw it. The perfect snowflake princess dress, floor-length no less, with lots of princess twirl potential. This photo shows the dress after I sewed on some lovely plastic snowflakes.


My 10th grade home ec teacher, wherever she is, just broke out in hives. Me, sewing! Someone who can barely sew on a button. Okay so the snowflakes started to fall off after about an hour of trick or treating, but Miss C wanted me to cut them off any way last night so she could sleep in the dress. That’s right. She wanted to sleep in it.

I left the first Goodwill empty handed, but in a rush I nearly bought a white layered cotton mini skirt and a white fitted lacy long sleeve t-shirt, which probably would have resulted in Miss C looking like a snowflake punk rocker or Madonna from 1987. Patience, in shopping, is a virtue.

The dress, which has a silver metallic leaf design in the overlay that is hard to capture in a picture, was a whopping $2.49. Also, as a bonus I found three sweaters for Miss C (two of which are school uniform appropriate) for $7 total, one of which is a gorgeous GAP green cotton hoodie that I would actually wear if I was 5 years old and weighed 40 pounds.

Here is the reigning snowflake princess in all her glory, before she put on her silver garland hair, with her kitty cat baby sister, who thankfully wore a recycled costume from 2004, lest mommy go AWOL on Halloween with a fifth of rum and the hubby’s business credit card. Miss C got into the Halloween makeup kit, and as you can see, insisted that kitty have a blue patch on her chin. I will be scrubbing sparkle glitter residue from our home and from Miss C’s hairline for the next 10 years but it was worth it.



  1. Blonde Mom says:

    Mrs. Fussypants:

    Lately I have totally lucked up on finding some fabulous things at Goodwill. It has become a frugal find challenge to see what I can come up with. I bought Miss A a velvet Gymboree dress at Goodwill about a month ago along with a cute Gymboree leopard kitty shirt and Children’s Place leopard skirt. Rowwrrrrr.

  2. Emily says:

    You did great! I was beyond thrilled that Jackson actually wore his costume this year (we still have last year’s rejected, “I paid extra for fast shipping” dino costume that I am hoping Tucker will wear next year)…

  3. Nicole says:

    Mine was Snow White for school, then declared the costume “too itchy” and switched into a ballerina (read: regular dance outfit) for the evening.

    The snow princess? ROCKS.

  4. mayberry says:

    Nice job mama! They are both SO cute; and I love that Miss C. had such a good idea and you pulled it off so fabulously. You deserve a few KitKats!

  5. Meredith says:

    Way to go on your frugal finds! A cheap-o plastic princess dress from Target would have cost twice as much as your ice dress.

    Sigh. Looking forward to dressing up my little girl. We spent 50 cents on two cowboy hats and 2 red bandanas and called it a day.

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