Just Don’t Ask Me to French Braid

Even though I have two little girls who love their bling, I don’t really possess the girly girl gene. I don’t insist that they wear matching smocked dresses on the weekends and big floppy hair bows. I don’t care if they wear Gymboree leggings snagged at a consignment sale and a Tarjay t-shirt. Pony tails and pig tails are considered fancy up dos at our house. Miss A wears a lot of hand me downs and Miss C was spotted at the neighborhood pizza parlor recently wearing a Cinderella costume. Honestly, as long as their clothes are clean and dog hair free (which is a difficult thing to attain at our house), I consider it a banner day. Plus Miss C has to stick with the standard school attire five days a week, so why not let the girl channel her inner Cyndi Lauper on the weekends?

Despite my inability to fix their hair properly or make sure they look like little miss Southern belles, I think Miss C and Miss A have a healthy balance of tom boyishness and love for all things princess. They’re not opposed to playing in the mud, but they love to play dress up. They love to wrestle and have pillow fights and play with terrorize our dogs, but they also love to twirl in their nightgowns and sing with dreamy cadence, “I love being a princess, I love being a princess!” (Thanks to The Backyardigans.) Miss C is especially diligent about wearing things she deems pretty, and often our opinions don’t mesh. I’m sure this is just practice for the teen years.

I do like to dress the girls in matching outfits during the holidays, though, and with our recent cool weather I am daydreaming about snowy winter days (since we get so much snow in Nashville) and the girls wearing matching PJs and sipping on hot chocolate while curled up in front of a roaring fire.

But I draw the line at something like this…


Besides, Bailey and Jack would look hideous in plaid.


  1. Mrs.M says:

    i fully intend to put the biggest bows ever in my children’s hair and am learning to smock so that i don’t have to take out a loan for the dreses. but that? that’s horrible! that poor man, he has no p**** i’m sure!

    i’m all about coordinating…but that…ridiculous!

  2. Blonde Mom says:

    Nap Warden:

    The PJ feet kill me!

    Hubby has red plaid pajama lounge pants, but not the FULL MONTY plaid. 😉

    You need to post a picture of him. Tee hee.

  3. Ellen says:

    We were at one of those mall photo places this summer and as we waited for Baby’s photos to be ready, we were making fun of the coordinating family photos on display. One family we decided the oldest son belonged to the milkman because he didn’t match the dad.

    Well the next night we went to a concert and saw Dad and Milkman’s Son. No mistaking them – we’d spent a lot of time commenting on Dad’s man jewelry, and there it was.

    I wanted to tell them that we saw them on the wall at the picture place, but Hubby wouldn’t let me.

  4. KittermansKhaos says:

    LOL thats a bit much!
    I am not much of a girlie girl either. My daughter seems to follow in close suit, though she does have a bit of girlishness in here that for goes my demeanor.
    My hair is down to my butt, by I can not french braid. A bun will do, or a simple twist. I have to put it up somehow because having a toddler and long hair is risky business. Try getting oatmeal or play clay out of your hair. Its not pretty.
    A pony tail or pig tails is something my daughter will adorn, but only if bribed to do so.

  5. Nicole says:

    I need an ‘eye rolling’ smiley. Geez. That is seriously terrible!
    I don’t blame you at all and yeah, my pup would definitely not look good in plaid! 😉

  6. Meredith says:

    My husband actually suggested I get matching nightgowns for me and our little girl. In fact he eyes those Christmas sweaters at Dillards each year.

    I have to put my foot down somewhere. It must be his sports background. Go team!

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