Deja Boob

I was really surprised yesterday after my mammogram when I was told that the radiologist wants me to have a surgical biopsy on my right breast.

“But I just had a biopsy in March.”

“I know, but he is recommending that you have that area biopsied again.”

I started getting that sinking feeling again as I sat in a waiting area with several older “ladies in waiting” in gowns and everyone was getting released but me.

I am waiting to hear back from the surgeon’s office about scheduling the biopsy. It sounds like it’s an easy outpatient procedure, but I’d really like to get all this boob exploratory stuff over with. The nurse at the breast center says they are just being cautious and she can’t really see any kind of definitive mass or lump. It’s just a cloudy area that is very dense. My breast tissue is very dense and I have a fibrocystic mass in that right breast that they just keep looking at. And the tissue has changed since my biopsy (to which I say, of course it has…I just had a biopsy!) I know most biopsies have benign results and I know they are just being cautious and that’s a good thing.

Who knew that 2007 would be the Year of the Breast?


Yesterday was an incredibly crummy day. My brother’s German Shepherd had a baseball size tumor removed from his spleen. He’s doing OK, but he’s nine years old and I’m not sure how his recovery will go. He’s my brother’s “baby” and dog cousin to our dogs.

Also someone I work, and not very closely I might add, pointed to her stomach yesterday and pointed to mine and then asked me if I was having “another one.” I quickly told her no and that that was pretty much impossible any way at this point. And then she mentioned an e-mail that had gone out and she thought it mentioned something about me having a baby. (There are two Jamie’s at my office and the other Jamie is pregnant and due in December.)

Nope, I’m not kidding.

I had on a parka and I do have a little baby belly leftover flab, but come on people. I am not pregnant.

What a day!


  1. Blonde Mom says:


    Hubby brought home two bottles of wine last night!

    I would say more about the co-worker but then occasionally people from work read my blog.

    But yeah you NEVER assume someone is pregnant. Very dangerous territory there. 😉

    p.s. thanks for the kind words…they are definitely being cautious and everything looked fine in March so that is a positive

  2. Lotus Carroll says:

    Maybe the radiologist and the surgeon are old frat brothers. The R is sending all the hot chicks to the S as much as possible.


    Hang tight. God’s got ya. 😉

    PS: About the dork @ work – You should have pointed at your forehead, then hers, and asked if she was having a brain installed anytime soon.

  3. Colleen says:

    I am sure they are just being cautious, which is good. But damn. I know what you went through and going through it again isn’t any fun. My prayers for good news are with you.

  4. Alli ~Mrs. Fussypants says:

    I always say, “Time to go on a diet or have another baby, because these pants don’t fit!” 🙂

    Sorry about Deja Boob. ~Fingers crossed~

    Tell your hubby to forgive the photoshopping I did on his picture today!

    No lawsuits please!

  5. Ginger says:

    deja boob
    *SNORK* That’s funny…

    Be assured that you are and will be in my thoughts and prayers through this.

    It’s gonna all be ok.


  6. Amy says:

    You know where I am. Call me if you need me. It’s all going to be fine, again. Hope trunk or treat was fun with all the little folk!

  7. Blonde Mom says:

    Thanks ya’ll for the prayers and positive thoughts. Friday was such a “bad” day it was almost funny. But not really!

    I’m sure I will be fine. Obviously whatever it is they are looking for is so small they can’t even pinpoint anything too definitive AND I had an MRI in March, too. I just am not looking forward to getting zonked out since I’m a control freak. 😉

  8. Elizabeth says:

    Would it be wrong for me to say that I’ll keep you and your boob in my thoughts? *grin*

    That co-worker-GAH. What an awful thing for her to do. Never assume that someone is pregnant!

    P.S. I have a gravatar account and an uploaded photo, so I hope it shows up with my comment.

  9. KittermansKhaos says:

    I also have had the biopsy thing done. Have a nice lightning bolt scar to remember it by. I was told I have fibrocystic breasts and that I should keep careful self screenings for anything that does not seem to go away, as the last one did not. I am not sure what has changed by over the years they have seemed better. Maybe breast feeding my daughter. I dunno. I was only 24 when the biopsy was done. Not a comfortable waiting to get the results.

    As far as the “are you pregnant?” been there heard that too. Isn’t that a lovely thing when someone has balls bigger than their brains?
    geez some people.

    much respect~d

  10. Lisa says:

    Oh Jamie! You are in my prayers…I hope the biopsy comes back clean. And just think how good you’ll feel when the results come back that everything is alright.
    As for the friend who asked if you were prego….I think you have the right to bang her upside the head with a baseball bat! AND, I’m going to have a glass of wine tonight in your honor!!!

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