Deliverance from Dora

Scholastic sent me a review copy of the new Maya & Miguel Cinco de Maya DVD with five episodes and the girls love it, especially Miss C. It’s a great show for the beyond Dora and Diego set, which, frankly, get about as old as stale tortillas after the 9 millionth viewing.

The educational philosophy from Maya & Miguel’s official website describes the show best.

Targeted at children aged 6-11, the overall goals of Maya & Miguel are:

  1. To encourage children to value, respect and better understand a variety of cultures, perspectives, traditions, languages and experiences.
  2. To support children in building their understanding of the English language, with a special emphasis on vocabulary.



There are a ton of coloring projects, educational games, and even recipes on the official Maya & Miguel site to check out on a rainy day.

p.s. I have two fabulous fall Disney DVD giveaways planned, and not just for those of you with blogs (you need a valid e-mail address so I can contact you should you win)! I am posting the first one on Thursday. I’ll give you a hint…mouse ears. And here’s an easy hint for the second Disney DVD giveaway…princess tiaras. These would make wonderful gifts!

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  1. homemom3 says:

    Would love to list these on my giveaways list on Thursday, not to mention sign up. 🙂 All my kids would love this…well okay soccerboy might be too old but not the other three.

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